Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 5 Dog Park

The rain finally stopped and we've been going to the dog park every day.  Jasmine has what Mom calls 'squirrel syndrome' which will make sense to anyone who's seen the movie Up.  Thankfully the dog park is fully fenced so she can't run away, but she's still spending a lot of the time on leash until she starts to come when she's called.  Once Jasmine burns off a bit of energy and gets over the initial excitement of being at the park she's doing much better walking on leash.

Tonight we went down by the water, but neither Jasmine or I wanted to go in the water.  I played in a big mud puddle so I didn't feel like a swim.  Jasmine didn't seem to like the water at all.  Maybe next time I'll show her how much fun playing in the water can be.

The only dog in the water was this chocolate lab.  Jasmine was more interested in stealing his stick than in going into the river after it.

We've been working on some commands, Jasmine more than me.  I just like to show her how they're done so that I get a treat too.  She's mastered sit and lie down.  Now we're working on leave it, off and come.  Mom says once Jasmine gets the essentials down we'll try something fun like shake a paw...I'm good at that one.

Jasmine has decided that she likes the wire kennel now.  She gets to sleep in it with the door open (or where ever else she'd like) because she hasn't had any accidents in the house...even when Mom's been at work all day.  The kennel is pretty big but I hear her banging around in it.

Sometimes Jasmine sleeps like this, so it's no wonder she takes up a lot of room.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 1 Welcome Jasmine

Last night Mom came home from work with a new foster dog named Jasmine.  I don't know why she complains about work so much if they give you dogs to take home!  Oh, just wait, Mom says she went to another foster home after work and picked up Jasmine. 

Jasmine is a 7 month old Rottweiler/Shepard cross.  She is colored like a Rottweiler, but she looks and is built more like a Shepard.  She hasn't filled out yet so she'll probably get a bit stockier.  

 Jasmine is smaller than Mom thought she would be so she's happy about that because she was worried maybe Jasmine would be to much for me to handle.  That's just crazy thinking because I can hold my own with pretty much any dog I meet, Jasmine included.  I rested up after Genny left and it's been nonstop playing since Jasmine arrived.  Jasmine likes to play tug o war and run around the coffee table so I think she's just great.

Last night was a bit difficult.  Jasmine went to bed in the big wire kennel.  There was quite a bit of whimpering that went on.  She settle down after awhile, but started back up again any time anyone else moved.  Mom let her out in hopes that she would sleep on the floor.  Jasmine just wanted to play.  After another couple of hours Mom had enough and brought in my plastic kennel and put Jasmine in it.  This seemed to be just fine with Jasmine and she finally settled down and went to sleep.

So far Jasmine has been pretty well behaved.  She needs a bit of direction since she's still a puppy albeit a big puppy.  She's not allowed on the couch and seems to be taking it very well that I am allowed and she's not.  Mom says she'd like it if I'd stay off the couch too...but again, that's just crazy thinking.

Mom says it's supposed to stop raining tonight so hopefully we'll get to go to the park tomorrow...paws crossed everyone!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 21 Goodbye Genny

Today Genny went to her new home.  I sure am going to miss her.  I think I say that about all the fosters but I liked Genny the best (don't tell the others!)  We got along really well and she was my best friend.

Mom took one last picture of Genny and I while we were relaxing on the couch.  See it wasn't playing all the time, sometimes we like to rest for a few minutes as well.

Mom says that there is a new foster dog just waiting to come and stay with us so I'll have a new best friend soon!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 20 Genny the Helper

Mom has been very busy working on the yard this week and hasn't had time to type for me.  Genny and I have been trying to help, but I don't think we've been doing a very good job.  Mom dug a huge hole in the back yard and put a tarp over it because it rained a couple of days.  I thought this meant I had a new swimming pool, but I only got to enjoy it for a day before the tarp came off.  Then Genny helped Mom dig the hole, but Mom said it was too deep and she had to stop.

Genny also helped with marking out a new patio using string.  I thought she was doing a good job, but Mom asked her to put down the string and stop helping again.

Genny has been very hard on a lot of my toys and the 26 I had are down to about 10...well 7 if you don't count the ones in the mending pile.  However, Mom found a new toy in the pantry (I think she has a hidden stash, but I can't see up onto the shelves).  I love to share my toys, but I've made it known that I like to play with a new toy before the fosters get to play with it too.  I've spent a lot of time telling Genny that I'd like to play with the new toy by myself, but she wants to play tug o war with it.  In her defence, it is a really good toy.

When it was bed time Genny finally got a chance to have the toy all to herself and took it to bed with her.  This was OK because it meant as soon as we woke up the toy was right there to start playing with all over again.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 14 Lounging around the House

We've been taking it easy around the house.  The weather has been beautiful so we've been to the park and spending a lot of time in the backyard.

We've also been spending some time lounging on the deck.  This is one of my favorites spots on a sunny day and Genny seems to like it as well.

Genny has a very good internal clock.  During the week Mom gets up at 6 am.  Genny knows exactly what time that is and tries to wake Mom up every day at that time.  Thankfully for me this means that Genny comes and sticks her nose in Mom's face, not mine.  Most times if Mom tells Genny to go lie down she does.  Sometimes she wanders around the kitchen and sighs until Mom finally gives in and gets up.  

Genny has developed a funny habit of lying down while she eats breakfast.  Only breakfast, never dinner.  Mom thinks if she doesn't have the energy to stand and eat then maybe she needs to sleep in later.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 11 Genny is Adopted!!

My wish has been granted again!  Last night a very nice couple came to see to Genny and they fell in love with her.  This comes as no surprise as Genny is a very lovable dog.  They called tonight and the allergies weren't a problem so they would like to adopt her!  They talked about how they've spent a lot of time looking for a bigger dog that didn't cause an allergic reaction, talked going to a farm and being outside and were excited to hear that Genny is a great swimmer.  They were already talking about where they could take her swimming.

They have to be out of town for a few days so they are going to pick up Genny on the 23rd.  I'm happy that I'll still have a great playmate for a few more days, but I'll be sad to see her leave.  Genny has been my favorite foster dog yet....Mom says her's too.  We've loved them all, but Genny has been a perfect buddy for me.  I can't wait to see who our next foster dog will be!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 9 Genny might get Adopted

Last night AARCS received an adoption application for Genny.  Earlier tonight Mom talked to B and she and her husband are going to come see Genny tomorrow night.  Mom says they sound very nice and seem like a good fit for Genny.  They are active and like to do stuff outside so that's perfect for Genny.  They have been looking for a dog for awhile, but B's husband has allergies so they haven't found the right dog yet.  Mom isn't getting her hopes up, but thinks if the allergies aren't a problem and they like Genny, then it sounds like she would be going to a great home.  They have put a lot of thought and time into finding a dog and Mom is sure once they find one they will appreciate and love it forever.  This is exactly what Genny deserves.

Besides that there's not a lot new.  We've been to the park again.  Mom took a video of Genny's awesome swimming skills

Genny has finally received enough exercise to burn off all the excess energy she's had.  There's not constant playing, although we still enjoy a good game of tug o war...that can last a really long time.   Mom has given up on mending the stuffy toys and has just taken the stuffing out.  We like them just as much with no stuffing so it's about time that she's realized that the toys are just as good without the stuffing.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 7 I've Worn Genny Out!

Genny was asleep by 7pm tonight.  I guess I finally wore her out.  Oh, Mom says it wasn't all me.  She thinks it was mostly the swimming that Genny did at the park today.  Genny is an excellent swimmer.  Mom threw a stick way out into the river over and over and over again and Genny swam hard to get it every time.  Mom also brought a ball to the park for Genny to fetch, but I think I chased after it more.  Mom says she's not going to bring the ball again because neither of us are very good at bringing it all the way back.  She says half way doesn't count. 

Today was the first day that Genny got to spend the day in the whole house while Mom was at work.  Previously, Genny spent the work days in the dog room but she hasn't had any accidents in the house and there haven't been any issues when she has been in the whole house while Mom has been out for a few hours.  Mom was a bit worried because we didn't go for a long walk yesterday due to crappy weather and Mom wasn't sure how Genny would amuse herself if she got bored.  I kept Genny occupied during the day and everything was fine.  Sometimes Mom worries over nothing....but then again, sometimes Mom comes home to holes in the wall.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 5 To the Park Again

Mom and I have decided we love having Genny stay with us.  I like to someone to play with and Genny is a great playmate.  Although she is much bigger than me she doesn't overwhelm me and sometimes even lets me win our wrestling matches.

Mom says that Genny is very well behaved.  She chooses to sleep in the kennel, is fully house trained and knows 'sit', 'shake a paw', 'lie down', 'stay' and 'off'.

Today we went to the dog park.  It rained yesterday so the mud puddles are back.  As you can see, Genny likes the puddles as much as I do!

BIRD!!!  Genny tried to catch every bird that she saw.  Just wait until she sees a duck!


Since we were dirty, OK I was dirty, we took the path that went to the river so that we could get cleaned off.  Plus I was very thirsty and Mom hates it when I drink out of the puddles.  Not surprising, Genny loves the water.


Genny met some new friends in the water and was excited with all the games of fetch going on.  She wouldn't go out very far though.
This is as deep into the water as Genny would go.  I go further than this, but I've had lots of practice.  I'm actually a very good swimmer and if Genny doesn't know how to swim I'll help teach her...once the weather is a bit warmer.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 3 Dog Park!!

Genny and I got to go to the dog park yesterday and today.  I love spring!  Mom is happy that it's almost dry at the dog park and there are only a couple of large puddles that she has to try and steer me clear of.  Genny even got to go off leash.  I know...the first time at the park and she got to go off leash!  Mom said she had a good feeling and she was right, Genny came back every time Mom called her.  She liked meeting the humans and all the other dogs.  She gets her hackles up a bit with some of the dogs, but shows absolutely no sign of aggression.

Genny is great in the car.  Every time we get in the car Genny tries to sit in the front seat but Mom says no, she jumps back into the back seat and stays put.  Her favorite part is sticking her head out the window and take in the fresh air.

Genny has been really good around the house as well.  We eat together in the kitchen and Genny doesn't have a problem with the fact that I'm done eating first, then sit beside her and stare at her to see if she's going to finish all her food.  I'm on a diet and sure would like it if Genny would leave some food for me to eat while Mom isn't looking. 

After diner it's more playing.  Genny is an active dog and really, really good at tug o war.  Yesterday we played for at least two and a half hours before we decided to rest.

Mom is still amazed at how shiny Genny's coat is.  Look at how pretty she is!  This toy is one of my hedgehogs and is already one of Genny's favorites.  Genny was playing with this toy by herself for awhile and Mom thought it was one of the funniest things she's seen because Genny was tossing it up in the air and running all around.  Genny was having a great time looked so happy.

As Mom mentioned before she thinks Genny has some Pointer in her.  The markings are very small but you can see the speckles on her chest and front paw (you might have to click on the picture to make it bigger to really see it).

Well now that I've had a rest it's time for some more playing!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 1 Welcome Genny

Finally we have a new foster dog!  Today, AARCS asked Mom if she'd like to take Genny as one of the dogs at her current foster home didn't seem to like her very much.  I love all dogs so Mom said that she could come and stay with us.  Early this evening Genny's foster Mom dropped her off and she's been settling in for the past couple of hours.

Genny is just over a year and a half old.  The AARCS website says that Genny is a Weimaraner cross.  Mom thinks that Genny has some pointer in her as her front legs and chest are speckled like a pointer.

As you can see Genny's coat is very, very shiny and she is quite pretty.

We went for a walk and Genny is about average on a leash.  When we got home we had treats and Genny is very polite.  And she knows how to sit and shake a paw.  We ran around and around the living room and now Genny is exploring every corner of the house.  She definitely has some hunting dog in her because her nose has been to the ground, both while inside and outside, ever since she's been here.