Friday, December 31, 2010 name is Rupert!

And I have a wish.  I wish that every dog gets to live in a home as great as mine.  Where I never go hungry, I've got a warm bed to sleep in and my Mom loves me.  That doesn't seem like to much to ask now does it? 

My Mom tells me that not every dog is as lucky as me.  So, together, we're going to try and change that.  One dog at a time.  And my Mom is going to blog about it, mostly because my typing skills suck.  It's her first time blogging so be nice to her.  She's focusing her time on being a Foster Mom...but thinks that it would be fun to chronicle the progress of our foster dogs. 

Our first foster dog will arrive in a couple days so we're getting the house ready.  I'm a good dog who doesn't chew shoes, books or anything that I'm not supposed to, but we've got to be ready for someone that hasn't spent much time indoors and might not like it too much.  There are lots of things for the foster dog to get into so we've got to be prepared.

Check back in a couple of days to meet our new friend!