Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 65/7/1 Welcome Roxy and Lola

Finally! We have some dog fosters for me to play with. Last night a family came to our house to drop off 2 foster dogs to stay with us.

Lola is a Boston Terrier/Chihuahua cross who is about a year and a half old. She is very friendly and loves to run around the yard with me. She loves Mom and is always running up to her for some ear scratches.

Roxy is a Miniature Pinscher who is four years old. She likes to play with me too, but not as much as Lola does. Roxy likes Mom as well but is more reserved than Lola. She likes to sit beside Mom but doesn't want to snuggle like Lola does.

Both dogs are very happy to be here. Their tails haven't stopped wagging since they arrived. Once we spent some time outside getting to know one another it was time to come inside.  After checking out the house and settling down it was time to meet the kittens.  Roxy pretty much just ignores the kittens. Which is good because they keep hissing at her.  They hiss at Lola too but Lola would like to play with them. She's been giving them space so at least there hasn't been any swatting.  The kittens are separated from the dogs, but can come into the dog's space if they want.

Sookie and her kittens are doing really well. Sookie still wants to stay with them all the time and hasn't left their sides.

Even when she's not in the kennel with them she checks on them quite frequently.

The kittens aren't very mobile yet. They crawl around on their bellies but stay in the kennel in their little kitten pile. Mom takes them out to have a quick snuggle, make sure everyone is doing OK and sometimes takes a picture or two.

There's a whole lot of activity going on in our house and Mom says we're over capacity. Tomorrow Dahlia and Rose are going to move to another foster home. Lily will stay to keep Violet company as Mom wants to keep Violet until she's adopted. AARCS is still looking for a permanent foster home for Sookie and her kittens too.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 61/3 Welcome Sookie and Her Kittens

Yup, you read that right, there are more kitten in the house! Mom and I went for a drive on Friday, stopped at the Vet and picked up Sookie and her 4 kittens. They are supposed to be temporary guests, staying with us until a permanent foster home is found. I haven't got to see them yet as Sookie doesn't want anyone near her babies. Except for Mom, she loves Mom.

Sookie is settling in quite well and seems to enjoy having peace and quiet (yes, it can be peaceful and quiet in our house!) to take care of her kittens. Mom checks on her quite frequently and Sookie is always snuggled up with her kittens.

This is Sookie with her kittens. The tabby had his eyes open when we picked them up so Mom figures the kittens were about 7 days old. As of this morning they all have their eyes open.

Sookie giving her baby a bath. She's a very attentive Mom.

Look at that fat little belly!

So far Sookie hasn't ventured very far away from the kittens. She has never asked to be let out of the room and even when Mom opens the door for her she'd rather stay with her kittens.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 60 Goodbye Marigold

The couple who put in the adoption application came to see Marigold last night. Amanda had already seen Marigold a few times when she was into the Vet clinic but her husband had never met her. I think he fell in love with her right away. With all the kittens really. Kenna hardly visits with anyone that comes to visit but she visited with them so that's the ultimate seal of approval. Marigold when home with them last night.

We were all sad to see Marigold leave. Mom says the spay surgery kind of snuck up on her and then the adoption application was so quick. I'll miss her because Marigold likes to play with me and therefore is my favorite kitten. We have a game where Marigold tries to bite my leg and I run around in circles. Mom thinks this is a weird game, but what does she know?

Marigold was definitely the silliest kitten of the litter and Mom says she's going to miss her antics the most.

Like how she always walked on the edge of everything. She was always walking around on the edge of the litter box and here she is on the edge of the water bowl trying to fish out something that Kenna dropped in it.

Mom's favorite Marigold moment was when she first put clay litter in one of the litter boxes. It was the best new toy ever!

Come back tomorrow as we have more news to share.  Yes, that's right, three blog posts in three days. I told Mom she's been slacking off and I'm going to make her start working for all snuggles I give her!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 59 Dahlia, Lily, Marigold and Rose are up for Adoption

Dahlia, Lily, Marigold and Rose went to the Vet on Thursday to be spayed. It was supposed to be for vaccinations, but Mom said they were big enough to be spayed now so she changed the appointment. Mom says they all did great, but someone forgot to tell them that they are supposed to take it easy after surgery. They were quiet Thursday night, but back to their normal rambunctious selves on Friday.

Violet went in to get her first vaccination. The Vet says that she has to weigh 2lbs before she can be spayed. She's up to 1.2lbs now though! She's started to eat kibble now too. Mom is sure she's probably eaten some before, but all the other kittens eat kibble quite regularily but Mom never sees Violet eating any.

Now that the kittens have been spayed they are up for adoption.  Marigold already has an application! One of the girls at the Vet's office had already put in an application when Mom went to pick them up on Thursday.

Mom got a new lens for her camera so she's been testing it out.

Kodak and I went to the dog park a couple of days while he was here. Kodak *loves* the dog park. He was running all over the place and jumping through the long grass like a little deer.

Stay tuned to hear about Marigold's adoption.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 53 Donemto Comes for a Mini Break

On Friday night another foster Mom came by and dropped off Donemto. She calls him Kodak, so that's what we're calling him too. I am so happy to have another dog to play with! Even if it was hot on Friday and Mom thought I was going to have a heart attack because I was panting and breathing so hard.

As you can see Kodak is very cute.  Mom can't figure out what kind of breeds Kodak has in his history but he looks as though there's some retriever. Kodak is pretty small though.

Kodak is such a well behaved dog.  He is still young and he loves to play.  He got all of my toys out of the toy box yesterday.

And there are LOTS of toys.  Mom says she's glad that someone is getting some use out of them because I have 4 or 5 that I like and the rest sit unplayed with.

Mom can't believe that Kodak hasn't been adopted yet.  He's such a great dog. He got to stay out with me yesterday while Mom went out for a few hours and he did great! She even forgot to put away her shoes and everything in the house was exactly where she left it and the shoes were untouched. Kodak is fully house trained, sleeps in his kennel at night without a peep and has only barked once. And that was when we were playing and he was frustrated because I kept going around the chair that he can't get behind.  He's also fascinated with the kittens.  At first he didn't know what in the world to think of them but now he thinks there are OK and loves to wash their faces after they've eaten. Kodak would really like to play with them but doesn't fully understand that they're not as big and strong as him.  He'll nudge a kitten every once in awhile and Mom will tell him to 'leave it' and he backs right away. His foster family has done such a great job with teaching Kodak good manners!

There have been some lazy days around the house because it's been so hot.  Everyone likes to sprawl out for an early evening nap. Mom says this is a good picture of Marigold's interesting coloring and shows off all of Rose's spots.

Kenna usually likes to find someplace cool to sleep. Like the top of the toilet tank or the slate in front of the fire place.  She's managed to push the blanket aside so that she can sleep on the leather so I guess that's as close to cool as she can find on the couch.

It's rare that there's only one cat on the cat climber but Lily looks pretty comfortable having it all to herself. It almost looks like she has a little smile on her face.

The kittens have an appointment at the Vet next Thursday to have their second set of vaccinations.  Mom is sure that Dahlia, Lily, Rose and Marigold are now big enough to be spayed.  That means they'll be going up for adoption soon!  Violet will likely get a vaccination during this visit, but Mom doesn't figure she big enough to be spayed yet.  

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 46/138 Goodbye Valentine

Well if finally happened.  Yesterday Valentine went to his forever home.  Colleen and her sister drove all the way down from St. Albert to pick him up.  Valentine has gone to a wonderful home and we're all very happy for him.  Mom says we were all very brave when he left, but instantly the house seemed empty without him. Valentine was with us for 138 days, our longest foster yet.  He was a big part of our family and we're going to miss him for quite some time.

The kittens are getting bigger and crazier so at least there is lots to keep us occupied.

Look who weighs 1lb!  It's taken a long time, ten and a half weeks, but Violet has finally made it to one pound.

Marigold has more orange that shows up in her coat every day.  Mom can't wait to see what she looks like as she gets bigger.

Mom is developing a theory that all black and white kittens are the bravest, silliest of a litter.  This was the case with Kiefer and Dahlia is proving the theory correct as well.

The ball toy is still a big hit.  Mom posted pictures of Fiona's kittens in this toy a couple of months ago....look how much bigger Kenna and  Kiefer were in it compared to Violet.  And they were only 6 weeks old.

All the kittens love the cat scratching post.  Lily especially likes it in the afternoon when the sun is shining on it.

Rose has always been the messiest eater of the whole litter.  At least only her nose is covering in food now instead of her whole face.