Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 87/20 Roxy and Lizzie have been Adopted!

Both Roxy and Lizzie have been adopted!

People from Edmonton drove to Calgary yesterday to see Lizze and she did so well. Mom was worried that she would hide or be fearful but she was playing with them and let them pet her. Lizzie has come out of her shell so much over the past couple of weeks it is amazing. Even Kenna came to visit the new people so they must have been really special. Mom says Kenna is going to be sad to lose her best buddy. Not as sad as Katie is though. She spent a lot of time last night wandering around meowing and looking for Lizzie. And Katie never makes a peep.  She is better today but she is definitely missing her sister.

This picture makes Mom laugh. Look how big Kenna is compared to Lizzie. The people that adopted Lizzie did say she was much smaller than she looked in her pictures and she is quite small. But Kenna looks like a giant in this picture.

Mom got this picture today of Lizzie at her new home. She seems to be settling in very well! They said she only hid for about 5 minutes and today she's going to get to meet her new cat brother!

I'm also going to miss my buddy Roxy. Roxy was with us for 87 days....the longest dog foster we've ever had. It certainly doesn't seem like she's been with us for that long. Mom says she already misses Roxy's constantly wagging tail following her wherever she went.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 82/14 Roxy has an Adoption Application

Roxy finally has a family that is interested in adopting her! Mom talked to them on Sunday and they are coming tomorrow night to visit with Roxy. We can't figure out why it's taken so long for someone to show an interest in her as she's a great little dog and people are missing out. We hope that this family is the one and Roxy finally finds her forever home.

Lizzie and Katie are doing really well. Katie still won't let Mom touch her, but she is not hiding. She stayed in the cat room until Sunday, even though the door had been open. 

Katie's favorite spot in the house is on the cat bed on the dining room chair. She spends almost all day on this chair. Then at night she wanders around. Mom isn't sure what goes on at night but there is a lot of running and jumping and every once in awhile there is a crash of something getting knocked over.

Lizzie has decided that she loves everyone in the house, including Mom. She is always with either Katie, Kenna or Mom. She follows Mom everywhere. Sometimes she acts like she doesn't want to be petted, but once Mom starts petting her she loves it. She doesn't like to be picked up though. From what Mom knows this is pretty common of the bengal breed. 

Lizzie will be going up for adoption in the near future. Mom says it would be great if she got adopted with Katie, but as long as she has another cat as a buddy in the home then Mom thinks she will be just fine.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 77/9 Guest Post by Kracker

Mom went away for a few days a couple of weeks ago and I got to go stay with Sierra. Roxy went to stay at another AARCS foster home where Kracker lives. Kracker writes a blog too!! Kracker thought it would be fun to guest post on my blog. Here's what Kracker has to say....

Hi, my name is Kracker and my family fosters for AARCS as well, a couple of weekends ago Roxy came to stay with us while Rupert’s Mom took a short holiday.  While Rupert and I have never met my Mom reads his blog all the time. In fact she kind of borrowed the idea and has started a blog for me to talk about our wonderful Fostering experience, well enough about me, Mom just reminded me of the real reason we are guest writing.

Roxy came to stay and I must say I did not think she was a dog at first, I wanted to chase her but Mom put a stop to that real quick and we all had a good sniff, yup she is a dog just like me. She wasn’t afraid of me or my BIG brother Tanner.

Roxy was pretty sad that her foster Mom left her behind and she started to howl, Mom was laughing so hard but Roxy didn’t seem to mind.  Me, I was just about to join in when she stopped.  I like to give a good howl.

The first night I was not happy, we just got our own new foster so I was getting used to her and when I realized that Roxy got to sleep on the BED all night, I had a little fit.  Mom said that Roxy was so tiny and used to sleeping on the bed that they wouldn’t even notice her.  And she was right, Roxy slept for the most part at the end of the bed and was no problem.

Roxy sure likes to have fun and she can entertain herself really well. I spent most of my time just watching her as she chased shadows, did speed rallies around the living room and tried to get as high as she could so she could see everything that was going on.  Best entertainment I have had in a long time.  Mom told me that this was pretty typical Miniature Pincher personality and that it was not a big deal.  We also shared the couch with everyone while we watched TV.  Roxy liked to sit on Dad’s lap.

Roxy played a bit with me and we ran around the living room, I liked that part.  Roxy also got to join us to go to the dog park.  At first Mom let her lead drag but soon she took it off and Roxy was super good.  She had a great time running everywhere but never far and always came back when Mom called.  Mom said she was better than me in that department.. I only come if there are treats involved…LOL.

Mom said that Roxy can come and visit us any time and I think she is pretty cool too, but I hope she finds her forever home soon.  Every dog, even tiny ones need a home of their own. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 73/5 Goodbye Suzi, Sylvester, Stewie, Stella and Sasha

Suzi and Sylvester have been adopted! A family came to visit a couple of weeks ago as they were interested in adopting Suzi. Because Suzi needs a buddy and they didn't have another cat in the home they were looking to adopt 2 kittens. The family has 3 children and everyone had a different kitten that they liked. Mom says she bets there was a lot of discussion in their house about which kittens they should adopt! They came back on Friday and picked up Suzi and Sylvester...although there was still lots of discussion and a few tears over who they should adopt. Mom got an update and Suzi and Sylvester are settling in very well and everyone loves the choice that was made. They can't even imagine have any other two. Yay!!

Stewie moved to another foster home that had two kittens but one was adopted. The remaining kitten, Cassie, was very lonely so Stewie went to keep her company. Cassie is so cute Mom can't believe she hasn't been adopted yet! Mom got an update from the new foster home and it seems that Stewie's new buddy is the big dog that lives in the house. Stewie loves everyone!

Stella and Sasha moved to my friend Bella's house on Friday to stay with Bella (and her Mom and Dad). They are the family that fostered Beaker and Honeydew and they became quite attached to them. It took some time for them to be ready to take some new fosters but they're ready to foster again. It's good timing because AARCS has been getting so many calls about cats in need and they're always looking for foster homes.

Mom seems to have lost the current pictures of the kittens :( Hopefully they're still on a memory card somewhere. She does have some pictures of the new fosters that arrived on Tuesday though! We'd like to welcome Katie and Lizzie...

Katie and Lizzie are bengal kittens who are approximately 5 months old.

They are very, very fearful of people. They came from a breeder who didn't want them and called AARCS to come take them off his hands. Mom has a strong opinion about this breeder but since I don't like the bad words she used I've asked her not to type them.

Katie is a black or melanistic bengal. Black bengal's are uncommon and, of course, breeders try to breed this color out but she is beautiful. Her coat is so shiny and she has the most amazing colored eyes.

Lizzie has typical bengal coloring. Bengal cats are in pretty high demand and it's unlikely they'll ever be found in a rescue organization. AARCS has already received a large volume of emails inquiring about these cats. They won't go up for adoption until they're better socialized and not so fearful of people.

Stay tuned for Katie and Lizzie's progress. Mom is going to try very hard to do updates more frequently and document Katie and Lizzie's transformation from fearful cats into cats that understand that humans can be wonderful people who will show them love and affection.