Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 7/15/51 Still no Kittens!

Well, we're all (and by 'all' I mean Mom) waiting patiently for Fiona to have kittens.  The Vet said a couple of weeks when she picked Fiona up, but that is really just a guess.  Since they don't know when Fiona was in heat they don't know when she'll have the kittens.  It hasn't stopped Mom from believing she should have had the kittens by yesterday.

Yesterday Ike went back home.  I'm sure he's happy to be back with his Mom and my best buddy Gord.  The past couple of weeks Ike had settled in pretty well.  That was around the time when Mom got new kitten food for Fiona and Ike decided it was very tasty.  As long as there was a bowl of kitten food out Ike was happy.

Here's what we've been doing while we wait for the kittens...

I've been resting.

Sierra found a sunny place to have a snooze.

Valentine prefers to have a soft place to sleep the day away.

So, pretty much we sleep all day.  Then when it gets dark out.....

It's time to play in the tub!!  Not Sierra and I of course.  There's no where near enough room for us to play in the tub.  Fiona and Valentine both love the tub.  Valentine likes to get a little mouse toy and bat it around from one end to the other.  Mom found several pieces of stuffy toy stuffing in the upstairs bath tub this morning so she's not really sure what's been going on but she's just glad someone is 'cleaning' up the pieces off the carpet.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 3/11/47 Welcome Valentine

Oops....Mom and I started this post yesterday but we got sidetracked.

Monday night Mom came home from work with another cat!  I don't think Mom was paying attention when we had the talk about cats outnumbering dogs in the house.  Valentine looks just like Fiona but I'm not fooled into believe it's only one cat.  Valentine is bigger than Fiona and his head is huge! 

Here's a picture of Valentine (on the window ledge) and Fiona.  Mom has found out that they are brother and sister so that explains why they look so much alike.  Valentine has an infection in his eyes, most likely caused by the stress of moving around over the past couple of weeks.  He went to the Vet yesterday and got some medication but he now has to spend some time by himself, just in case what he has is contagious.  So far he seems OK during the day being in this room alone.  He doesn't like it quite so much at night.  Mom made a nice bed in the closet with the hope that this is where Fiona decides to have her kittens but Valentine has already decided this is the best place in the house to hang out.  I guess Fiona will have to find another spot.

Sierra and I have hanging out quite a bit.  I'm glad to have my buddy back.  Tonight Sierra is going to meet with Nicky at LT's house to see what her issue is with the cats at her house.  Sierra has been very good with the cats around here so it's still strange she doesn't like them at someone else's house.  Mom says she's sure Nicky will have some good tips to help Sierra...or maybe Sierra just isn't cut out to live with cats.  I guess we'll find out in a bit.

Gotta run...Mom came home with elk antlers for Sierra and I yesterday and I've got to make sure Sierra isn't eating mine!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 6/42 Sierra is Still with Us

LT hasn't adopted Sierra....yet.  Sierra spent some time at LT's house and she was chasing and snapping at Peanut and Leroy.   Nicky is going to come an observe Sierra at LT's house and see what is triggering Sierra.  Until then, Sierra is staying with us.  That's fine with me because I like to have someone to play with.  Today we had lots of fun running around and around the coffee table.  And this was after we went for a car ride to run some errands with Mom and then had a really long walk.

Mom got a new cat bed this week.  Ike has given it his stamp of approval.  This is actually where Mom dropped it on the floor when she got home.  Before she could move it to a 'good' spot Ike was already lying in it.

I've decided that I like it too...even though I wish it was a bit bigger.

Mom got the bed for Fiona, but she hasn't gone near it.  She has decided she likes Ike's bed the best. Maybe Ike will take the new bed home and leave his behind!  Speaking of Fiona, she's settling in very well.  She likes to get lots of ear scratches and Mom is the best ear scratcher!  She doesn't like to be picked up though.  Fiona's favourite place to be in the whole house is in the bath tub.  She loves the plastic lining on the shower curtain and now likes to bring things she finds around the house into the tub. Like things that were on the kitchen counter.  Obviously being pregnant isn't slower her down, but Mom says no one is allowed on the counter!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 1/37 Welcome Fiona

Yesterday, after Mom and I went to the dog park, we took a drive to a place called McKnight Vet Hospital.  I had to wait in the car for a special surprise and when Mom came out she had a new foster cat!  Mom says this is where she picks up the fosters when she comes home after work with a new foster.  I guess I'll believe her, but I've never been to the place where she works at so I'm still not 100% sure. 

Our new foster is named Fiona and she's very pretty.  She has white on the very ends of her front paws and her back legs are almost all white.  Mom says she'll take a better picture once Fiona isn't busy checking out the house.

Fiona spent today in the craft room while Mom was at work.  She wasn't very happy about it when she went in there as she wanted to explore, but it's best if that is done when Mom is around to supervise.  Especially with the amount of hissing that Ike was doing on the other side of the door.  When Mom came home from work she let Fiona out to explore.  Ike immediately came up to her and hissed in her face.  Fiona stood her ground and didn't run away.  So far they are getting along pretty well.  There's been some nattering and hissing (by both) but no one has taken a swipe at one another.

It seems that once Ike got to take a good snip at Fiona he decided she wasn't so bad after all.

I thought that Fiona looked a bit fat but Mom said that wasn't the case at all.  Fiona is pregnant!  Mom explained what this meant but I don't really understand.  Mom says I'll understand better in a couple of weeks when Fiona has kittens.  Wait...what??  There's going to be more of them?  I think we're going to have to have a family meeting about cats outnumbering the dogs around here!

We'll be updating Fiona's progress over the next little while as she settles in and we get ready for kittens.  Plus Mom says we'll have big news about Sierra's adoption very soon!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 36 Sierra has an Adoption Application!!

Today Mom got an adoption application for Sierra.  Now we should let you in on a little secret, we knew the application was coming before AARCS did.  The application is from Mom's very good friend LT.  You know what that means don't you? Sierra is going to be family!  LT and Sierra have met a couple of times and Sierra is going for a visit to make sure that LT's cat Leroy doesn't hide in the basement, never to be seen again.  Leroy is pretty skittish and it's important that everyone is able to live together.  But Mom is super excited that she's still going to be in Sierra's life.  Mom and I talked about adopting Sierra, but Mom said it would be difficult to foster more dogs as it's only the two of us, and I want to keep working on my wish.

Other than that BIG news there hasn't been a lot going on.  Ike has settled in with us, but hasn't been eating much.  If anything at all.  Mom was concerned about him and tried all kinds of different foods.  He didn't want any of them.  Sierra did though!  She's the clean up crew.  Given my allergies, I haven't been allowed to sample anything but today I did get some yoghurt.  It was very tasty but I kept getting it up my nose!  Mom took a video, but I said she couldn't post it because I look silly.

Mom did take this video of Sierra and I playing a good game of tug o war.  Mostly, Sierra just humors me because she's so much bigger than I am.  It's not much of a challenge for her if she actually tries.  And yes, all that growling is coming from me.  This is my playing growl.  Mom says if I want other dogs to take my growl seriously I need to stop wagging my tail when I'm doing it. 


Stay tuned to hear how Sierra's adoption goes and Mom says there's more news coming soon.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 21/28 Goodbye Alley

Yesterday Alley's new family came to pick her up.  She's going to have such a fun time living with them!  I've never seen her so wound up and wanting to play.  She was running all over the house, but right back to them.

Ike has come to stay with us for 3 weeks while my best buddy Gord and Shirley are on vacation.  Usually Ike just stays at home and people come to visit him every day or LT stays at their house.  However, LT has two cats and one has decided he doesn't like Ike.  Therefore, they can't stay with Ike any more.  And 3 weeks is a long time to just have daily visits so we all decided that Ike should come stay with us.  Y'all have seen Ike before because he's our 'test cat' for new foster dogs and I've posted a picture of him.  So far he's not happy being away from home.  He doesn't travel very much so it's not surprising that it'll take a bit of time for him to get comfortable.  (plus he's a bit cranky to start with)  He's been hanging out in the bedrooms during the day, but did some exploring last night after we went to bed.  Mom said she heard him eating last night too so she's not too worried about him.

We've been going for walks around the neighborhood but haven't seen very many dogs so we haven't had much of a chance to practice Sierra's introductions.  There are two little dogs that live a couple of doors down that we did see one day.  Sierra greeted them with no issues at all.  Sierra seems pretty good with little dogs and face to face.  It's when they start to sniff her butt that she reacts.

Sierra is quite funny at times.  Lying on her bed with her head hanging over on the floor is her favorite way to sleep.  Mom says this hurts her neck just to look at, but Sierra likes it just fine.  She's also funny when she tries to play with me when I'm on Mom's bed.  She knows she's not allowed on the bed so she jumps up at me and then back off again really fast...over and over again.  She's not very graceful so it's quite funny to watch. 

Well that's all the news I have for today.  It's sunny outside so I think I'll go lounge in the sun for awhile.