Saturday, November 26, 2011

What's Been Going On

Have y'all missed me?  I haven't posted in a few weeks because we haven't had a foster dog come to stay with us since Willie left.  But that doesn't mean that we haven't been helping out AARCS when we can.

At the beginning of November Mom picked up a newly rescued dog, named Precious, after work and drove her from Calgary to Nanton.  Mom said that I couldn't go because she wasn't sure how Precious was around other dogs and she couldn't risk any fighting while she was trying to drive.  I decided this was probably best because Mom likes to use the highway as her own personal indy track and doesn't need any distractions.  Mom did manage to get a picture of Precious while she was waiting for the foster Mom to arrive.

Mom says Precious was really friendly and great in the car.  She's still up for adoption so go check her out.

A couple of weekends ago we had not one, but two puppies, named DW and Binky, come and spend a Saturday and  Sunday with us.  Because they were only here for a short time they pretty much played with the toys, napped and played with one another.  There wasn't time for them to settle in and play a whole lot with me.

Binky is on the left and DW is on the right.  Aren't they super cute?  They were very good puppies too.  They really liked their kennel and would go into it all on their own whenever they wanted some quiet time.  They were good at going to the door to go outside too.  They're not up for adoption yet, but it looks like their sister might be Fern and she's up for adoption so I'm sure it won't be long until Binky and DW are up for adoption too.

Lastly, Mom picked up another dog, named Conway, after work one day and brought him home with her.  Conway's new foster Mom then came to our house to pick him up.  Conway is up for adoption as well.  His profile states that he doesn't like other dogs and Mom knew this when she picked him up.  However, I need a pee break as soon as Mom gets home from work and Conway was at the Vet's so he needed some fresh air too.  Mom decided we'd have a meet and greet in the back yard and see how Conway would react to me.  He gave one little growl and that was it!  Off for a walk we went.  Conway and I got along great on our walk.  He wasn't mean to me at all.  Things might have been entirely different in the house or when toys or food are around though.  Conway's new foster Mom was waiting when we got back from our walk and Conway was soon on his way. 

Mom didn't get any pictures of Conway, but there are a few on the AARCS website.  Mom and B both commented on how the pictures don't do him justice.  He is much cuter in real life.  And boy does he love people!  He was very friendly to Mom and B and acted like he'd known them for years.

So, that's what we've been up to.  Still keeping busy.