Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 4 A Visit from the Princess

Things have quieted down a bit around the house now that Diesel has left.  Diesel and Bonnie had some great play time together, but they were a bit to wild for my liking.  Now that Diesel is gone I can play with Bonnie and we've become good buddies.  We went to the dog park again and we ran and ran.  Mom can't figure out why I had so much energy as I have been entertaining Bonnie all day and usually I'm exhausted when there's a foster puppy in the house.

We've been playing in the yard too.  The weather has been pretty warm and Bonnie, being part Husky, loves to be outside.

Sometimes she just likes to be close to outside.  It's hard to find a few rays of sunshine to nap in, but Bonnie found a spot.

Bonnie decided that she would give Gio a second chance and boy is she glad she did!  Bonnie has decided she wants to be Gio's best friend.  Her whole body wiggles because her tail is wagging so hard anytime Gio comes around.  She's been very gentle with Gio; no pouncing on him and she's given him space.  As a result Gio isn't running away.  They have the most fun when they are on opposite sides of the baby gate and play with one another through the spindles.

Princess Annabelle came to visit today and brought us Christmas presents!  She thought Gio was pretty nice.  She threw Gio's toys so he could chase them and gave him some hugs as well.  After she left we all had to have a long nap!  Mom says tomorrow is another busy day so we should get lots of rest.  But she also said that it's OK if we all want to sleep in.   I'm going to sleep in for sure!  Bonnie might have a different plan. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 1 Welcome Giovanni

Well, it's happened again.  Yesterday Mom came home from work with a new foster.  A kitten this time!  When will the madness stop?  Diesel went back to his foster Mom last night so it is a lot more quiet.

Gio is about 3 months old and is pretty small.  Zoe and Oscar were both adults when I came to live with them so I've never seen a kitten before.  I really, really, really want to be his friend!

Gio doesn't want me to come to close to him though.  I'm trying very hard to be polite and Mom says I'm doing a great job.  Gio is very curious and isn't afraid of dogs, he'd just rather keep some distance right now.  I'm sure in a couple of days we'll get to say a proper hello.  Bonnie hasn't been quite as polite but she's still done a very good job at giving Gio his own space.  Gio hissed at her and Bonnie has pretty much decided that he's not worth her time.  Girl's are funny like that.

Gio has some very nice markings, but doesn't really like to have his picture taken.  Mom took a lot and he was always looking the other way.  At least in this one you can see how handsome he is.

Mom would like to say that no, we didn't get new, bright red carpet.  When we moved into this house there were two big industrial mats in the basement.  Since most of the house has carpet, they've come in handy when we have puppies that aren't house trained....and pee a lot!

Speaking of puppies that pee a lot, Bonnie and I went to the dog park today.  We both had a great time.  Bonnie had to stop and say hello to everyone we saw.  At first she was a bit hesitant with some of the big dogs, but then decided she was Queen of the Park and made friends will all the dogs too.  We were both so tired when we got home that we had dinner and then immediatly had to have a nap.  Bonnie is still asleep and it's time for me to go to bed as well.  It's hard work entertaining a puppy and a new kitten all day!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bonnie Comes to Stay Until Christmas

Today another puppy came to stay with us!  Mom and I need to have a serious talk about the visitation schedule around here.  I'm already exhausted from entertaining Diesel and now there's an even younger puppy in the house.  Mom reminded me that Diesel is going back to his foster Mom on Monday so it'll only be a couple of days with our two visitors. 

This is Bonnie.  She's a 10 week old Husky cross and as you can tell she's super cute! She's already decided she really likes my bones.  Thankfully no one is fighting over the bones so Mom says they can stay in the toy box.

As some Huskies do, Bonnie has one blue eye and one brown eye.  This did it for Diesel, he is in love.  He hasn't left Bonnie's side since she arrived and has been (mostly) gentle with her.  She is by far the feistiest puppy we've had so far.  Bonnie can certainly hold her own with Diesel and (although I'm ashamed to admit it) can put him in his place better than I can.

There's been a whole lot of this going on though.  It's all in good fun, but it's the kind of fun I'd rather not have today so I'm staying out of it.  We went for a really long walk before Bonnie arrived and I'd really just like to have a nap!

Well Mom says it's dinner time so I guess I better go.  Stay tuned for more adventures with our new house guests.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Diesel Comes for a Mini Break

Tuesday night a nice lady that Mom works with dropped off her foster dog Diesel.  Diesel is going to be staying with us until Monday.  Am I the only one that thinks it's weird that Mom comes home from work with new fosters and other people that she works with has fosters too?  I'm still not sure about this 'work' place she talks about, but I think some day I need to go and make sure that it's really an office like she says and not secret code for 'place where dogs hang out'.

Anyway, Diesel is about 8 months old and we're not really sure what breeds of dog he is.  He has mange, like Willie did, so it's hard to tell what his coat will really look like once it's all grown back in.  Diesel is mostly black with little bits of white on him.

 He does have big ears though!

Diesel hasn't been around a lot of other dogs so he's a bit unsure of himself and there was a lot of barking the first day.  I don't understand why other dogs like to bark to get attention, they should learn that acting cute will get you all the attention you for me anyway.  I don't really like barking so I just ignored Diesel.  Since he wasn't getting what he wanted he gave up pretty quickly and now there's hardly any barking at all.  Mom says that's a good thing because she has a bad cold and the barking wasn't helping her headache.

Because Diesel hasn't had any vaccinations he can't go to the dog park.  It's unfortunate because he has lots of energy and I bet he would really like to run and run until he's all tired out.  We did go for a long walk yesterday and afterwards Diesel had a nap as soon as we got home.  He's good on a leash when we're on the sidewalk, but a bit less so when we were off on a pathway.  Mom says she's cutting him some slack because there's so much to smell on either side and that leash is only so long!

Diesel knows how to sit and shake a paw.  He is also very polite.  He really loves treats and will sit and wait (impatiently) for a treat and is OK with me getting a treat too.  Diesel's foster Mom though he might have an issue around dinner time with some food guarding, but he's been great.  We both eat in the kitchen together.  Diesel would like to eat my food but Mom says 'No' once and he goes off to eat his own. 

Well, Mom says her cold medication is kicking in and it's nap time.  I'll update again soon.