Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 3 Out and about

Yesterday was a very busy day for us.  First we went for a long walk in Fish Creek Park.  Willie is very good in the car.  He's very calm, lays down on the back seat and stays put.  He even waits politely until Mom says it's OK to get out of the car.   We met some nice ladies who were getting ready to go kayaking and Willie tried to get one of the ladies to fall in love with him.  It almost worked too!  I was busy playing in the water while Willie worked his magic.  Willie didn't go into the water, nor has he gone into the pool.  Because of his mange he gets a bath about once a week and Mom can already sense that he's not a big fan of the tub...if running out of the bathroom when she turned the water on is any indication.   Tomorrow is bath day and I'm getting one too so maybe when he sees how much I like them he'll be a little more enthused about them.  Yeah, it's a long shot, but he's going to get baths for the next little while so it'd be nice if he at least liked them a little bit.

After we went to the park we went to the pet store!  I love going to the pet store because I get lots of attention.  Willie enjoyed it too.  He waltzed right in like he'd been there a million times before.  It was a quick trip to pick up a new chew toy so we didn't do much browsing.  Still, Willie got to check out lots of new sites and smells (oh boy are there a lot of smells!) and handled it very well.

As if that wasn't enough, later in the day we went for another car ride to The Taylors.  Mom already knows that Willie likes cats so we didn't visit with Ike.  Willie introduced himself, we ran around the back yard a bit and then it was time for another car ride home.  Lots of car rides, lots of new people and places and Willie did great.

Today Mom worked from home.  She said she is amazed at how well Willie behaved himself.  He's more than happy to play quietly with some toys on his blanket.  Then Willie and I play for a bit.  Then we sleep.  Then it starts all over again.

As you can see the shoe is still an object of affection.  Yes, Mom says she could pick it up, but Willie needs to learn not to chew on shoes if they are out.  (I think maybe she's just too lazy to pick up her shoes).  Anyway, Willie is a chewer...not unlike all puppies.  If he can put it in his mouth then he will.  He understands what 'No' means and will stop when Mom tells him too.  Usually the first time; the shoe being the exception.  Willie seems pretty smart so Mom is sure he'll catch on and leave shoes alone in a few days.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 1 Welcome Willie

Today we got a new foster dog!!  It's been over a month and I've been waiting patiently for a new friend to come and stay with us.  We were on vacation, then Mom was working on some stuff around the house and all of a sudden it was the end of August!  Anyway, today Willie came to stay with us.  As you can see he's a very handsome boy.

We're not really sure what kind of breeds Willie is made up of.  Maybe some sheppard, but he looks brindle colored as well.  Doesn't really matter because he's pure bred cute!

Willie is about 5 months old and isn't up for adoption yet.  Mom says he'll be staying with us for a few weeks because he has something called mange.  It's not the kind that I can catch and he's taking some medicine so hopefully in about 4 weeks he'll be over it. 

Willie has been pretty quiet, but it is only his first day with us.  We went for a walk to get to know one another and then we've been hanging out in the yard. 

It was pretty hot out so we spent sometime in the house for a bit.  Willie seems to like Mom's shoes.

These are Mom's 'yard' shoes and they smell like sometime died in them so you really can't blame Willie for wanting to get right in there  and check them out.

Stay tuned because I'm sure they'll be lots more adventures to share as Willie settles in.