Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 57/68/75

It's been a pretty uneventful week around home.  It was quite hot a couple of days and a walk around the block was as much as I could handle.  Mom got out my pool though!  I splashed around and felt so much better.  Then it rained a few days so we've been hanging out inside a lot.  Today I got to go for a good long romp at the park.  I spent a lot of time in the river and now Mom says I stink and tomorrow I'm going to get a bath.  I'm OK with this because I really like getting baths!

Here are Kiefer and Kieran sleeping on the couch on the hottest day.  I think Kiefer figures if he stretches out as much as possible then he'll be cooler.

The kittens have been doing lots of playing.  They are pros at getting up onto the couch and living room chairs.  They can pretty much jump up instead of climbing up.  Seamus and Kiefer are also very good at getting up onto the bed.  Mom has to be careful rolling around now because when she wakes there is always at least one kitten on the bed and usually Val or Fiona are on the bed too.

Mom has been doing some card making this week because she's going to a baby shower for Lemmy's future two legged brother or sister. (Lemmy is my favorite pug friend!).  Valentine likes to help with the card making but I don't think he's very good at it because I hear Mom telling him to "get down" or "stop it" a lot. From what I've seen he's really good at unwinding ribbon so it seems like he's a big help to me.

One of my blog readers, Ariel, bought the kittens some toys.  Mom says I'm not supposed to be jealous because babies get lots of presents and I need to remember how much I'm spoiled at Christmas by all my family and friends.  I know I'm pretty lucky and I'm happy that the kittens have lots to play with because then they don't try to jump on me! Ariel bought the best cat toys ever...according the what they have told me.  Kieran is the quietest kitten and hardly ever goes crazy playing with a toy.  As you can see, he loves these new toys!  We all thank Ariel very much for the gift!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 51/62/69 Lots Going On

We've been very busy the past few days and have had lots of adventures.  On Friday morning Mom was going to work and I was going to doggie day care.  Mom was on the Deerfoot to Southland off ramp and could see that traffic was slowing down ahead and a couple of cars off to the side of the road.  Mom thought there was an accident so she started to slow down.  Much to our surprise we saw a dog coming from Southland running into traffic on the Deerfoot.  Mom immediately pulled over, grabbed my leash off me and started to run towards where the dog was going.  Mom could see some people stopping and opening their doors but the dog kept going.  For those of you that aren't from Calgary; the Deerfoot, at this section, is 8 lanes of highway and at 7 am is packed with cars all trying to drive as fast as possible! By the time Mom had made it to where the dog was she had managed to hide under a SUV that was stopped in the middle northbound lane of the Deerfoot.  Mom got down on the ground but the poor dog was very, very scared.  A nice man had stopped behind the SUV and got out to help.  He went to the other side of the SUV so that the dog couldn't escape.  Mom crawled under the SUV and got my leash on the dog.  Then Mom and the man pulled the scared dog out from under the SUV. The lady that owned the SUV gave the dog and Mom a ride back to our car.  The dog was happy to get into our car but was still pretty scared.  She had a tag (Mom couldn't read her name) with a phone number, but no one answered.  Mom dropped me off at doggie day care and then took the dog to Animal Services.  Later she got a call from the owner who was at the Southland dog park when his other dog got attacked and this dog got scared and ran for her life.  He was very happy to hear that his dog was safe and went to pick her up.  Whew...what a start to the weekend!

Yesterday the kittens made their public debut by going to an adoptathon.  Valentine went with them, but Fiona and I stayed home.  Mom said the kittens had a great time.  They got lots of snuggles and play time with people that came to visit.  They were a bit unhappy during the car ride to the adoptathon but that was more because they were in a kennel than because they were in a car.  There was not a peep out of any of them, or Valentine, on the way home.  Everyone was so tired that they came home, ate and then slept for the rest of the night.  I told Mom that I didn't do anything while she was gone but I was so exhausted when she got home that she doesn't believe me!

Here's Kenna and I napping on the couch.  The kittens have figured out that the couch is the best place in the house to nap.  I didn't let them in on this bit of information because I like having the couch all to myself...well sharing with Mom I mean.

Seamus is usually the first one up on the couch.  She looks pretty comfortable lounging on it.

Today Mom and I ran errands.  Then we went to visit Sierra and her Mom.  I was very happy to see Sierra and Sierra was very happy to see both of us.  Sierra and I played 'how many times can we pee on the bush' and then lounged on the deck.  It's beautiful out today and it was hot sitting in the sun!  Now we're back home and having a lazy afternoon filled with more lounging and napping.  Since the weather is nice all the windows are open including the screen door leading to the deck.  This gives the kittens their first taste of warm, fresh air.

They seem quite interested in going outside and exploring a whole new world.  Mom says they can't go outside.  Mostly because they'll all take off in a different direction and she won't be able to keep track of them all.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 48/59/66 Valentine Goes to the Vet

Yesterday Valentine went to the Vet.  He's been having some discharge from his eyes and has been on medication for about the last month.  The means Mom has been putting ointment in his eyes three times a day.  It could probably go without saying, but Valentine hasn't liked it.  I don't even like it when Mom tries to clean my ears and that only happens once very couple of weeks. Anyway, the Vet said he looks good now so hopefully the discharge is gone for good.

It's amazing how much the kittens have grown in the past weeks.  They run really, really fast now and spend more time awake playing.  They're still too small to want to play with me but that's OK because Fiona got mad at me one day when we were all together so I'm not very comfortable with the kittens getting to close to me.

Here's a video of the kittens running around playing in the office/craft room.

There's still a lot of quiet time though.

It's nearly impossible to get a decent picture of all four kittens awake, still and looking at the camera.  This is a close as Mom has got.

As you might have noticed from the last picture and certainly from this picture, the kitten's eyes are no longer bright blue.  Their eyes now look different colors depending on how the light hits them.  They are mostly this grey/green color but are starting to turn more green every day.  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 41/52/59 Valentine's up for Adoption!

I forgot to mention on my last post that Valentine is up for adoption! It would be great if Valentine could be adopted with Fiona so that's what we're all hoping for. We'd even be happy if he went to a home with another friendly cat for him to play with.

Now that the kittens have mastered the stairs Mom is constantly searching for where they are.  Thankfully our house is foster proof so she's not worried about them getting into places they shouldn't but she'd still like to keep an eye on them.  Today we all spent most of the day keeping Mom company while she worked.

As you can see most all the cats look pretty comfy on the blanket.  Except of course for Seamus. Because, well...Seamus is Seamus.  She is off sleeping in a corner by herself.  She's a bit of a silly kitten, which is why she has a bit of a silly name.

Good thing there is a cat bed in the office or I'd have no where to nap!  It's not as bad as it seems. I actually quite like this bed and nap in it a lot.  Don't tell the cats though because I want them to think I'm suffering for their comfort!

Mom and I went to the AARCS warehouse last weekend to get some supplies.  Mom was lucky enough to buy a couple of larger cat toys off of Kijiji but she's always looking for something interesting for the kittens to play with.  She saw a couple of these at the warehouse and was hoping that the kittens would like one.  It's been a huge hit for everyone!  Even I like it.  Although I get frustrated because I can't get the ball out and then I cry.  What?  I'm not too proud to admit that real pugs cry!

The kittens really like to sit in the middle part.  Mom says whatever keeps them still for a minute or two is good for her.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 38/49/56 Getting Bigger

Mom says she's very sorry for not posting for so long.  She's been spending far too much time playing with kittens and not enough time typing for me!  In her defence, the weather has been nice and we've been going to the dog park so I've forgiven her.  We've been to the dog park a couple of times with Sierra and it was great that we got to see her again.  She's settling in with her new family very well.  I think she's even starting to like cats.

The kittens have been getting bigger every day and learning new things.  This week they learned how to use the litter box, which Mom says is a pretty big deal.  She didn't see Fiona show them how to use it and Mom is amazed that they just knew how to use it all on their own.  They also learned how to climb stairs and a couple of them learned how to scale the side of the bed.  Yesterday they all got their nails trimmed so they won't be able to get up onto the bed.  They didn't get their nails trimmed for this reason, but more so that they will stop ripping Mom to shreds with their little sharp claws.

They are all eating well too.  Seamus and Kenna are still gobbling up the soft food.  Kieran and Kiefer have still not eaten a single bite of it.  They smell it and act repulsed.  Mom softened some kibble but they wouldn't eat any of it either.  They've gone straight to eating the hard kibble.  At first Kieran would just lick all the pieces in the bowl but now Mom hears crunching so they are definitely eating it.  They also drink a bit of water.  Fiona is still feeding them lots so no one is going hungry that's for sure.

After lots of exploring everyone gets pretty tired.  They can go full speed for about 30 minutes and then it's nap time.

Sometimes they all like to snuggle up together.  They all love the cat bed!  This is where they sleep at night now.

Sometimes they go off and find a quiet place to sleep on their own.  Seamus tried to get up one more set of stairs but was too tired to make it all the way.

 Kiefer found a pillow to sleep on.
Kenna likes to sleep by the couch.  Yesterday Mom searched all over because she was sure Kenna went down stairs, but found her sleeping behind the couch.

Kieran didn't feel like having a nap so he didn't get his picture taken.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 30/41/48 The Kittens Get Some Soft Food

Today the kittens got some soft food.  I wasn't allowed in the room while they were eating because Mom thought I would try to eat the food.  She was probably right.  Valentine wasn't allowed in either so I didn't feel too bad.

As you can see Seamus thinks the soft food is very good.  She dove right in, as did Kenna.  Kiefer and Kieran didn't want to eat any food. Later in the day Kieran was checking out the water bowl but Mom thinks he might have been breathing it in rather than drinking it.

My good buddy Gord and Shirley came over for a visit this afternoon.  We all went to see the kittens but I was too excited and step on a kitten's tail by mistake.  Boy oh boy did Fiona let me have it!  She hissed at me and smacked me in the face before I even knew what was going on.  I really didn't mean it but my good buddy Gord and I went to hang out outside anyway.

Mom took some good pictures over the past few days.

Valentine looks waaay too comfortable.

Seamus and Kenna checking out some toys
 Kiefer looking handsame as ever.
 Kieran showing off his beautiful blue eyes.

And last, but not least, me checking out the blanket while Kenna tries to sneak up on me.  She's not very stealthy but Mom says she'll get a lot better so I better watch out.