Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 61/38 Movin On

Mom is way behind in updating this blog! Every day I tell her there's lots of stuff to talk about and instead of typing for me we do other stuff. Some times that's car rides and some times that's going to the park so I'm trying not to get too upset with her. So here's what's been going on...

Sophie went to a new foster home a couple of weeks ago. Her kittens are old enough to be on their own now and it's time for Sophie to take care of herself. Mom got an update from her new foster home and she's doing great!  She's going to be spayed on Thursday and then she'll go up for adoption.

She is so pretty that Mom is sure she'll be adopted right away.

The kittens don't even seem to notice that she is gone. They're so focused on playing and biting Mom's toes that they don't even miss her. They are very active now and can run as fast as Mom can walk so we all have to be careful not to step on a kitten.

They'll be going next week to be fixed. Suzi already has an adoption application! A family is coming to see her and her siblings tomorrow night.

They are also very silly. All Mom has to do is look at Stella and she rolls over so that she'll get her belly rubbed. Even if she's in the toy basket!

So far Roxy has had two adoption applications but neither people have come to see her or talked to Mom. They don't know what they're missing as Roxy is a great little dog. She doesn't play with me as much as Lola did, but I still like her a lot.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 45/22 Catching Up

Mom has taken on a new role with AARCS as the Cat Shelter Coordinator so she's been very busy doing stuff that she doesn't tell me about. We seem to spend less time watching TV and more time in the office. Sometime we get to go for car rides to a place called Safe Haven, but I don't get to go inside. It's OK though because I like to go for car rides. I don't need to go inside.

The biggest news is that Violet has been adopted! This was a sad day because we all loved Violet very much. She went to a great home and we know she's going to be loved forever. Roxy really liked Violet's new Dad and sat on his lap the whole time he was filling out the adoption paper work so that's a good sign.

Sophie and her kittens are doing great. The kittens are now out and about in the whole house and they are having a blast! There haven't been any accidents which makes Mom really, really happy.

Sophie has been taking good care of the kittens. They are all chubby little balls of fur that are eating and drinking on their own now. It won't be long until Sophie will move to another foster home so that she can focus on taking care of herself. She's quite thin, as most Momma cats are and Mom suspects she's pretty young too. When the mood strikes her she will play and play and play with the cat toys.

Sophie has such interesting coloring. Mom hasn't been able to get a good picture of her because she always seems to be taking pictures of the kittens!

But it's hard not to focus on the kittens because they are so darn cute.

Mom's been waiting to see if Suzi's eyes are going to change but they seem to be turning a lighter blue. This will be our first kitten with blue eyes and she is so pretty.