Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 39, 10, 7 I'm Back!

Hello everyone! I've been on a bit of a hiatus but since so many people have been asking Mom why I haven't been posting she has decided to start typing again for me. She's the reason there haven't been any posts, I still have lots to talke about! So, here is what's been going on....

Just before the new year Mom brought home 3 (yes THREE!) puppies; Jingle, Frosty and Snowflake.

Don't they look like angels? They were very good puppies....

...but there was a lot of this that went on.

We also fostered a few medical cases. One was Trevor who had to have his leg amputated due to a birth defect. It sure didn't slow him down though. Just a few days after his surgery he was doing great!

The most recent case was Ginger. Ginger was attack by another animal and had some wounds on her neck so she couldn't swallow very well and she drooled a lot. 
After about a week she was much better and ready to move into a regular foster home.

That brings y'all pretty much up to date. Here's who we currently have staying with us.

Oscar came into AARCS care with her (yes, Oscar is a girl!) two siblings; Teeko and Kali. Oscar wasn't doing very well in her previous foster home because she's a bit older (12 years old) and the foster home had young children and she didn't like all the activity. Oscar came to stay with us because she had a urinary tract infection, then pancreatitis and a lesion on her eye. Oscar is now in good health and can move to another foster home. She really likes me and Malaya, but she doesn't like Kenna very much. Kenna growls at her and Oscar really, really doesn't like other cats who growl at her!

Lacey and Libby came to stay with us last week when it was time for them to move away from their Momma. It's been a long time since there have been little kittens in the house. For the first couple of days the kittens weren't too sure what to think about me but now they love me! Libby slept on my back the other day while we were snuggled up beside Mom on the couch. Although I will admit that I'm not a fan of them running over my back when they run from one end of the couch to the other.

Kimmy is our newest resident. She was brought into AARCS care as a stray last weekend. The nice lady who found her at her house said she wasn't very friendly, but that she did get her into a kennel when she put food in it. Because Kimmy was very shy and no one knew if Kimmy was going to use a litter box Mom decided she should come stay with us. You might wonder why Kimmy didn't just go into the AARCS Barn Buddy program? Mom says that is because Kimmy is going to have kittens!! Kimmy is very friendly but still very shy, so there's no picture of her yet. Mom hopes they will be good friends before Kimmy has her kittens so that Mom will be able to make friends with the kittens too.

That's all for now friends....I think you're all up to date!