Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 25 Goodbye Cookie/Kiki

A lot has happened of the past couple of day.  We've been going to the dog park and hanging out in the back yard, but more importantly, yesterday Mom got an adoption application for Kiki.  J called Mom right away and she and M came to see Kiki last night.  They spent a lot of time asking Mom questions and getting to know Kiki.  J decided right away that Kiki was the dog for them but it is M's first dog so he needed to think about it a bit.  They did say that Kiki fit exactly what they were looking for in a dog so it was just a matter of making 100% sure that they were ready.  J called Mom today and said that they had decided and Kiki was going join their family!

Here are a couple of final pictures of Kiki

Kiki was a little unsure of this bigger dog we met at the park but he was such a sweety that she soon learned he was nothing to be afraid of.  Kiki's confidence around bigger dogs is growing with every trip.  On our last trip to the dog park we met a huge black sheppard and Kiki was in love!  She was wagging her tail and trying to play with him/her.  Mom had never seen her more excited around another dog...with the exception of me of course.

Kiki's new favorite past time is to to relax in the sun. 

I'm sure Kiki is going to have a fantastic time in her new home.  Mom says we're going on vacation next week so we won't have a foster dog until we're back.  I'll make sure to update everyone as soon as a new friend comes to stay!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 22 Still up for Adoption

The family that came to see Kiki on Sunday decided that she was going grow into a larger dog than they wanted.  It's too bad, because I really liked them.  I hope they decide to look at some of the other dogs AARCS has up for adoption because I'm sure there's a dog that will fit in with their family.

Yesterday it was very, very hot outside and in the house.  Kiki hardly moved all day, which meant I got to rest!  It was a good that I slept most of the day because the more I move around the more overheated I get and I'm not very good at cooling down.  After work Mom put fresh water in the pool and all three of use went for a little swim.  Yes, even Mom got her feet in the pool, it was that hot.  After we cooled down we were in the mood for a bit of playing.  It wasn't long before we were hot again and decided that we should just take it easy for the rest of the night.

Today it's cooler so we went to the dog park.  Kiki put the very tips of her paws in the river today, but that's it.  Mom isn't encouraging her to go into the river because it's still high and running fast and she doesn't feel it's safe for Kiki to venture out too far.  There were lots of dogs down by the water so we made some new friends and had lots of play time.  We even met another dog who's Mom and Dad adopted him from AARCS.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 20 Dog Park!

On Friday Mom and Kiki went to the Vet.  I didn't get to go because it was too hot for me to wait in the car.  I still really wanted to go, but Mom said No and sometimes I like to let her think she's the Boss so I stayed home.  Kiki told me all about it when she got home and they went to Tail Blazers.  Kiki says she's very sorry she peed on the floor, even if it was just a little bit.  She got overwhelming with all the new sites and smells.  Then they went to the Vet where Kiki got a shot.  This means that Kiki can now be around other dogs!

We went to the dog park yesterday morning and Kiki had a great time!  She was a bit hesitant around some of the bigger dogs, but after all, she is just a puppy.

Kiki listens to Mom so well that she got to go off leash.  Kiki came every time Mom called.  She did really, really well.  As you can see there were lots of people and dogs out already so Kiki got to meet lots of new people and dogs.

Here I am in my favorite spot.  Mom says good thing I had a bath on Friday.  And also that she's thankful Kiki doesn't like the water so at least one of us didn't get wet and stinky.  Although Kiki did take a few somersaults in the dirt so she didn't leave as clean as she arrived.

Kiki has a good nose.  She enjoyed walking through the tall grass and checking out everything. 

She also had to stop to say hello to every person and every dog.  And of course everyone was more than happy to stop and say hello to a puppy.  It was quite a long walk.  Mom and Kiki stopped to say hello to another lady and Kiki jumped on Mom, which she rarely does.  Mom gave her a stern "Off" and she didn't jump on her again.  She jumped on the lady and that lady gave her a stern "Off" as well and Kiki didn't jump on anyone else the whole time.  Kiki is very smart.  She picks up on commands right away and it's good to see that she listens to other people as well.

If that wasn't enough new news, Kiki also received another adoption application!  A family is coming to see her tonight and they sound very excited to meet her.  Stay tuned and I'll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 17 Well, It's Official

Kiki is now bigger than me...just by a little bit.  She doesn't weigh as much and she's still not nearly as worldly so I am still ruler of the house. 

Yesterday we went for a long walk and saw a lot of other dogs.  Unfortunately, Kiki's still only had her first shots so only I got to say hello.  Kiki is not very happy about this as she'd like to interact with the other dogs as well.  Friday she goes to the vet for her second set of shots and you know what that means....we can go to the DOG PARK!!  We'll be there bright and early Saturday morning.

This week Kiki got her licence from the city.  Mom put it on her collar and excepted her to act a bit strange, but she just went along her merry way as if nothing was new.  She is really a laid back dog.  Nothing like when I first got a tag put on my collar.  Look at how little I was!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 14 Still Available for Adoption

The lady that put in the adoption application came to see Kiki on Saturday.  She thought Kiki was super cute (duh) but is looking for a smallish dog.  We haven't heard back from her, but we're taking that as a sign that she's not going to adopt Kiki.  She is looking for two dogs, has adopted Sika and I think that's great!  I'm happy that any dog gets adopted, it doesn't have to be the one that stays with me.

Last week Kiki and I both got a bone.  Of course the best bone is the one that she has, even if it's the one she just stole from me.  Bones can sometimes be a challenge because they are so good but Kiki is great at sharing (and stealing); no possessiveness at all. 

As you can see (under her belly) she's not letting me steal it while she has a nap.  As you can also see, sometimes newspaper is also a good toy and she's an excellent shredder.

We've been spending a lot of time outside since the weather is nice and it's hot in the house.  Kiki and I both like to sit on the chair with Mom, but she says there's really not enough rough.  Especially when we start to wrestle.  Kiki looks pretty happy to lie on the grass though don't you think?

That's all the news I've got for today.  It's raining so it looks like we'll be spending the day inside.

PS...Dear LT--Mom told me what you said about the Kong picture and I just want to say; the camera adds 10 lbs!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 10 Cookie/Kiki has an Adoption Application!

Tonight Mom got an adoption application for Kiki.  From the application and feedback from the adoption coordinator the lady sounds very nice; but she is interested in a lot of dogs.  It's great that she is open minded and is going to see multiple dogs.  Surely one (or maybe two) will pick her to be their new Mom!  She is looking for two dogs and Kiki is number 4 on her list.  Mom hasn't heard from her yet so there's no more details; but stay tuned.

Today Mom went into the office for the third day in a row.  I one is impressed except for her boss.  At least he better be!  Secretly I think she's been going into the office because it's air conditioned there, but she assures me that having to deal with the construction on the Deerfoot overrides the pleasantness of the air conditioning.  Anyway, it's the third day that Kiki has spent by herself.  She's been doing great.  No crying when Mom leaves and not a peep when she gets home.  There is a big difference in her energy level though.  I suspect she sleeps all day and therefore is full of energy when Mom gets home.  Not because that's what I do mind you; I'm very busy monitoring the neighborhood all day.  When Mom is home during the day she is awake all day and pretty tired by now.  We've been going for walks in the morning and after work, and playing in the yard so by bedtime she is worn out.

Today Kiki got introduced to peanut butter in a Kong.  Not surprisingly she loved it!

Here I am showing her how it's done properly.

She caught on pretty quickly!

There wasn't much peanut butter so soon it was time to just pose for the camera.

Check back again soon to hear how the adoption application is going!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 8 Cookie/Kiki is up for Adoption!

Today Kiki went up for adoption.  There are lots of puppies available on the AARCS website, but of course I think Kiki is the best puppy available!  Yesterday she was spayed so she's now ready to go to her forever home.  Mom says Kiki can stay for as long as she needs to but there are lots of other dogs looking for a foster home so it would be great if my wish gets granted right away and we can help another dog.

Today it's very hot out so we are hanging out in the back yard trying to stay cool.  I've got new water in my pool so I've been for a swim, but Kiki still isn't interested in going into the water.  It's just as well since she isn't supposed to get her incision wet.  She has been enjoying using the pool as a big water bowl!

Yesterday Kiki wasn't interested in eating so she went over 24 hours without any food.  Mom says it looks like she lots half her body weight in just that one day.  She's still very thin, so we're going to work on fattening her up a bit.  Mom says not as fat as me though...hmmp.  Today Kiki is back to eating like normal so Mom is happy to see she's got her appetite back.

She also has Genny's habit of lying down while she eats.  Who knew eating could be so tiring for some dogs! 

Stay tuned for more updates and be sure and check out the AARCS website and all the great dogs they have for adoption.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 6 Tired Puppy

Yesterday we had a very busy day.  So busy, in fact, that I went to bed at 7pm.  I've never gone to bed on my own before, but I had to because I was sooo tired.

First, we were up at some ridiculously early hour.  OK, Mom and Kiki were up, I stayed in bed for the first trip outside.  They came back to bed, but Kiki was up every half hour until about 7:30...which is still to early to get up in my opinion.  Then the playing started.  We played outside while Mom did some gardening.  It's hard for us to understand the difference between the yard and the flower bed, but I think we got it by the hundredth time Mom told us to get out of the flower bed.  

Kiki is also a bit of a digger.  Only in this one spot.  And she's very stealthy about it because Mom hasn't caught her digging.  Of course I know she's digging here, but I need a good place to bury my bone and I don't dig so this works out well for me.  There was a dead rose bush here that Mom removed.  The hole wasn't totally filled back in but it wasn't nearly this big.  Mom filled it all back in yesterday afternoon and this morning it's dug out again.

After gardening we went for a car ride.  Kiki did very well in the car.  The first couple of times she was in the car it was stressful for her, but I think now she's realized we're going somewhere fun so she likes it.  And we did go somewhere fun...we went to The Taylors.  We stayed outside so we didn't get to see Ike.  By this time it was very, very hot.  Kiki didn't mind it, but I was panting a lot.  It didn't stop me from showing Kiki all my favorite spots to play in the yard.  Kiki even decided that the water in the bird feeder was better than in our water bowl.

Soon it was time to come home, have some dinner and then more playing.  By this time we were all pretty tired. Kiki decided to have a nap beside Mom.

This is my 'I'm NOT very happy there's no room for me on the chair!' look.  I voiced my complaint for about 5 minutes.

Then I decided that I would make room.  This was pretty comfortable, but I'm not sure Mom thought the same thing.

Mom got some plants from The Taylors yesterday so I guess we're off to spend some more time in the yard.  I love summer!