Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 4/96 Welcome Beaker and Honeydew, & Lily, Dahlia, Violet, Rose and Marygold

Well, lots of new to share again today!

Firstly, Fiona went to my good buddy Gord and Shirley's house on Thursday night.  Mom has received a couple of updates and it sounds like she is settling in quite well.  Of course, she's fallen in love with my good buddy Gord.  This is no surprise as all animals love him.  Ike has hissed at Fiona a couple of times.  We already know that Ike can be a bit cranky and he's already lived with Fiona for a few days while he was staying with us so we know he'll come around.  Shirley has said that Fiona has wandered around meowing a few times. Undoubtably she is looking for her babies, but she did that here too.  She would call for her babies and they would ignore her so she shouldn't be too stressed that she's calling for them in another house and no one is coming.

Secondly, Seamus has been adopted!!  She will be leaving shortly to go to her forever home. The couple adopting her are very nice and I definitely approve of them.  They played with Seamus for a long time yesterday and boy was she tired.  Seamus is going to have lots of fun playing at their house and will have two cat siblings to play with as well.

Lastly, we have new fosters! And there's a whole bunch of them!!  Nine kittens arrived on Wednesday night;  a litter of four and a litter of five.  The litter of four are about 7 weeks old, but the litter of 5 are only about 4-5 weeks old.  They were only supposed to be here temporarily until permanent foster homes could be found but they were all supposed to be older.  This would allow them to be divided up into smaller groups to go to other foster homes.  When Mom saw how little the one litter was she decided that they needed to stay together.  On Thursday night a couple came to pick up two of the older kittens. Kelly has a magic touch because up until when she tried, one of the younger kittens hadn't eaten anything.  Mom also decided that the younger kittens were following the older kittens lead on stuff so perhaps the remaining two older ones should stay to help the younger ones learn.  Needless to say, it's a bit crazy in the cat room!  The kittens miss their Moms a lot and are desparate for snuggles.  They are all eating, but Mom says she'd like to see them to eat and drink more.  And learn to use the litter box!

Here's a video of the kittens the first night they arrived.

Mom has some more pictures but her cameras are in with the kittens and they're all sleeping.  Mom says she's learned one valuable lesson that all those Moms out there with 2 legged babies already know...never wake a sleeping baby!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 81/92/101 Fiona, Kieran and Kiefer Have Been Adopted!

It's seems like I'm always making excuses about why it's taken Mom so long to update.  She's been studying for an exam this week and promises to update more frequently after the weekend.  But we've got lots of news to share!  A family came to see the gang on Friday and the son immediately fell in love with Kieran.  He had his heart set on Kieran, even though he played mostly with Kiefer.  The kittens were pretty shy, but Kiefer was the first to come out of his shell and play with the visitors.  The Mom thought that Kiefer might be a better fit because they already have two black cats that they can hardly tell apart and a third might add to the confusion.  After a (very) short time they thought that maybe they would take them both!  Mom said they didn't have to make a decision on the spot. They should go home, talk it over and make sure they all agreed on whatever decision was made.  C called Mom later that evening and said that, yes, they would take them both.  How exciting for Kieran and Kiefer.  They'll be able to grow up together and wouldn't be lonely having left the rest of their litter mates.  Kieran and Kiefer left for their forever home on Saturday.  Mom got a call from C yesterday letting her know that the kittens were doing great and were trying to become friends with their existing two cats.  The older cats weren't quite sure what to make of the kittens but Mom is sure they'll all be best friends in no time.

My best buddy Gord and Shirley have decided to adopt Fiona.  They've had their eyes on her for quite some time now, but wanted to see if someone would adopt Valentine and Fiona.  Now they've decided that they just can't live without her so they're going to adopt her.  We're sure that Valentine is going to go to a great home where there's a buddy for him so we're happy that Fiona will still be part of our family.  Fiona is going to move to their house tomorrow night.  Although Mom has been discouraging Fiona, she has still been nursing the kittens.  She going to go to the Taylors as a Foster to Adopt.  This means that Fiona will still be an AARCS cat until she is spayed and then my best buddy Gord and Shirley can adopt her.  This will allow Fiona to 'dry up'.  I have no idea what this means, but Mom says it's all OK.

AND...I'm not done yet.  Seamus has someone coming to visit her on Saturday!  Pretty soon our house will be almost empty.  Mom says not to worry, it'll be filled back up in no time.

Mom took a few last picture of Kieran and Kiefer before the left

Not surprising Kiefer is with his buddy Seamus.

And Kieran is with his buddy Kenna.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 76/87/96 More Adoption Applications

Mom hasn't heard from the people interesting in Valentine but the good news is that Mom got another adoption application last night.  The family doesn't have a preferred AARCS cat in mind so C is coming today to visit the whole gang!

Look at the picture that Holly from Brindleberry Pet Photography took of the kittens. Isn't this the most awesome picture you've ever seen! I'm sure this is when I was helping her take pictures.

Mom brought home a new toy for the fosters.  This is what it looks like anytime something new gets introduced.  Cats sure are curious. I got a bone, so don't worry about me not being included in the gift giving.

Last week Mom got an update from Lumen's Mom letting us know how she's doing.  Can you believe Lumen was adopted over a year ago?  It doesn't seem like it's been that long.  We've received a few updates over the past year from Lumen's Mom and we're always excited to hear how she's doing. As you can see, Lumen is loving her forever home. Lumen also has a new two legged brother!  Lumen's Mom has sent some pics and it looks like Lumen is a great big sister!

We get some updates from a couple of our previous foster's new family.  It's great to hear how everyone is doing and sometimes wish we knew how everyone else was doing too.  If you've adopted one of the dogs/cats we've fostered we'd love to hear how they are doing.  Mom says you can leave a comment and she'll make arrangements to get in touch.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 73/84/93/ The Kittens are up for Adoption

Yesterday the kittens went to the Vet to be spayed/neutered.  I told them that it really wasn't all that bad and to be brave.  The girls at the Vet's office said that overall they all did very well.  Seamus was a bit annoyed at everyone and even hissed at one of the girls.  Seamus has never hissed at anyone, not even me so she must have been really upset!  Val, Fiona and I checked them all out when they got home last night and everyone seemed to be OK.  They were very hungry so they had a bit of food and then everyone napped for the rest of the night. Today everyone is back to normal and running around like crazy.

Since they have now been spayed or neutered they are now up for adoption.  Make sure you go to the AARCS website to check out their profiles and see all the great pictures that Holly took of them!

I'm really starting to like the kittens and we hang out on the couch together all the time.  This picture is for my Grandpa...this one's a girl!

Mom went to Costco the other day and the fosters think the best thing she comes home with is the box! Everyone was in this box at one time or another. Valentine looks pretty comfortable in the box don't you think?

The kittens are big enough to get into the tub, so of course it's one of their favorite places to play.  They love the tub almost as much as Valentine does!

Speaking of Valentine, Mom talked to the people interesting in adopting him today.  They are going to figure out the best time to come and see him, which will either be tomorrow or next Tuesday. So it'll be a bit more time before we know if he's going to be adopted or not.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 71/82/91 Valentine has an Application

Wow, Valentine has been with us for 82 days.  That's the longest foster ever! Well except for Fiona, but she hasn't been up for adoption yet. Valentine hasn't been up on the AARCS website this whole time, but still, it's about time someone submitted an adoption application on this great guy.  Mom received the application last night and she's waiting to hear from the people interested in adopting him.  They already have three cats so Mom is happy that he's potentially going to a house where he'll have other cats to keep him company.  He's such a friendly guy we're sure he'd have no problems fitting in with any other cats.  Valentine has been to a couple adoptathons and he's always wanted to say hello to the other cats.

Valentine has been helping around the house.  He's taken over the roll of "Watcher of the Neighbourhood" when I'm out with Mom.

I know this is an exhausting job so I'm not surprised that Valentine is very tired by the end of the day...well, the middle of the afternoon really.  He likes to rest up so that he's wide awake when it gets dark.

Yesterday Holly from Bridleberry Pet Photography came to take pictures of Val, Fiona and the kittens. She's the same photographer that took pictures of Sierra, Gio and Alley and I was glad that I finally got to meet her!  I did a quality check of everything in her camera bags and tried to help her take some pictures but Mom said I wasn't helping. The kittens did very well. They were crazy and running around, but overall they sat still long enough to hopefully take some good pictures. Why do they need pictures?  They'll be going up for adoption on Monday!  They're going to be spayed/neutered on Monday and then they'll go up for adoption. It's had to believe they've been with us for 10 week already.  They've grown so much and are just starting to get to an age where they want to play with me so I'll be sad to see them go.  Mom says I shouldn't get too sad because she has a surprise in store for me. I hope it's a new bone!

The 'kittens' got a new toy from one of the other AARCS foster homes.  As you can see Valentine really likes it too!  Seamus has managed to roll this from the den, into the kitchen and then into the office.

It seems everyone wants to help out around the house. Mom was doing some card making and Kiefer thought he should help pick out the paper.

Stay tuned to hear how Valentine's adoption application turns out!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 63/74/83 BIG NEWS!!!


We all knew it was going to happen one day and today is that day.  Mom and I have adopted Kenna! Kenna will be spayed on Monday and then she will be officially adopted.  Mom has been wanting to adopt Kenna for awhile now, but I wasn't sure.  I've still been keeping my distance from the kittens because I don't like it when Fiona gets mad at me.  Mom was worried that I didn't really like cats any more, but that's not the case at all.  I just wanted to wait to play with them until they were ready. The kittens are bigger now and they want to interact with me.  They are starting to run with me and Mom says one day I'm gong to get ninja'd.  I don't know what that is, but Mom says it's likely going to scare the crap out of me. Anyway, last night I even got into a play bow and tried to play with Kenna.  And I let Kenna nap on top of me when I was beside Mom on the couch so that we could both be touching Mom.  I know when Kenna gets even bigger that we are going to be best friends!

Mom says this is why I'm such a great foster brother. Mom filled my food bowl first the other day and Seamus was the first one to it.  I'm so nice that I let him eat my food. Well, only a bit of it because Mom said dog food isn't good for kittens...but I would have let him eat it all!

It's pretty uncommon that all the cats are asleep at the same time and even more rare that they are all in the same spot.  Mom managed to get a rare picture of everyone together, even if they are all sleeping.  Well, except for Kieran who opened his eyes long enough to see what was going on.

The kittens have discovered Fiona and Valentine's favorite sleeping spot; the dining room chairs.  Here are Kenna, Kiefer and Fiona all sharing one.  Waaay in the back on another chair is Valentine.

Valentine is such a sweet guy.  He loves the kittens and loves to snuggle up and have a nap with Fiona too.