Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 3 Cookie/Kiki Home Alone

Today Mom had to go into the office so Cookie (now called Kiki most of the time) had to spend the day in the dog room since she isn't housetrained.  She did very well!  There was a bit of whimpering when Mom left for work, but not a peep when she got home.  She only peed twice and both times were on the paper.  I got a break from entertaining her all day and we were ready to play once Mom got home. 

She sure does like to play!  Today it's cooler so we're running around lots in the backyard.  I'd like to go to our regular dog park, but Kiki's only had her first set of shots so Mom says she can't go.  There's an off leash area that we can walk to from our house and there's never any dogs there so that's where we've been taking walks too.  Kiki is still good on a leash, but neither of use can keep a steady pace or walk in a straight line so Mom likes it better that one of us (ME!) gets to be off leash and she isn't getting constantly tangled in leashes.

Can you see those eyelashes? Maybe because they are reddish or maybe they are longer, but Mom says she's never noticed a dogs eyelashes before and they sure make Kiki cuter than she already is.

Kiki's legs are also very speckled and Mom suspects one of her ancestors was a Red Heeler.

Time for more playing!  Check in again soon.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 1 Welcome Cookie

Today Mom came home from work with a new foster puppy!  Her name is Cookie (although Mom says she's not sure that's what we'll really call her) and she's approximately 11 weeks old. 

As you can see she is very, very cute!

So far we've been getting to know one another.  Cookie hasn't been allowed to explore a lot of the house since Mom says she'd rather not have her pee on the carpet.  We've been spending time outside instead.  Cookie did get to explore the upstairs when we had dinner.  She sure does like to eat!  I guess most puppies do but when I was a puppy I ate a little bit here and there...same as I do now.  Tonight I didn't eat all my dinner, but Cookie finished off my food for me.  I need to remember this so that at breakfast time I eat all my food.

Here's a picture of Cookie by my pool.  I've shown her how to go in the pool, but she hasn't gone in yet.  Maybe tomorrow.

We went for a long walk around the neighbourhood.  Cookie is very good on a leash, no pulling at all.  Mom suspects this will change when Cookie gets bigger and wants to explore more.  When we got back Cookie still had some energy to run around the yard...but she's definitely getting tired!

Mom said we had to include this picture because Cookie just looks so silly!

I'm sure there'll be lots of updates over the next little while as I share my adventures with my new best friend so stay tuned!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

MS Walk

Today Queenie, Carter, Mom and I did the MS Walk.  The MS Walk was officially a couple of weeks ago, but Mom was on vacation so we couldn't do it that day.  Queenie and Carter did, but they were more than happy to do it again with us since we do the walk together every year.  We know some people who have MS, including my Grandma, so this cause is very important to me.  I said on my MS webpage that I'd post some pics of the walk, so here ya go..... 

(Patiently) waiting for Queenie and Carter at Eau Claire

Rest stop #1

Pedestrian bridge under Crowchild Trail. Half way done!

Rest stop #2.  Queenie brought treats!!  (Mom did too, but new treats are always better).

End of the walk.  Boy was I tired!

Group photo.  Thank you Queenie and Carter for doing the walk twice and keeping us company!

 One last drink before it was time to go home.

Mom took a video of me near the end of the walk.  We were almost back to Eau Claire by this time and look at how I'm still moving right along! 

Previous years I've decided to lie down and have a rest for awhile at this point.  Mom says she was very impressed with my stamina today.  There was a lot of panting, but it was cool and overcast and that made a big difference.

PS: Mom got a blister on her foot and she's been acting like it's the end of the world. 

Thanks everyone who supported and pledged me!! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Update on Jasmine

Mom says she's sorry that it's taken so long to type for me.  There's really no excuse because she hasn't been spending her time taking me for extra walks or giving me treats.  In her defense, we have been playing a lot of games of fetch and tug o war. 

Mom and another foster home decided that Jasmine would do best staying at the foster home she went to while we were on vacation.  While we were gone Jasmine was getting a lot of socialization with bigger dogs.  Jasmine always played very nicely with me, but she didn't realize how much bigger she was and sometimes I found her playing a bit too rough.  The new foster home has a huge yard.  I saw it when we dropped her off and there's lots of space for Jasmine to run and play.  There are lots of other dogs to play with too because the new foster home runs a daycare.  When we dropped off Jasmine I also checked out the inside of the house and it was great.  There's a big dog bed in the living room and I'm sure Jasmine will like laying on it.  So now we don't have any foster dogs.  I'll be sure to update as soon as we get word of the next dog coming to stay with us!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 7 Jasmine might get Adopted!

On Tuesday AARCS got an adoption application for Jasmine.  Mom talked to the potential adopter yesterday and gave him some information on Jasmine.  The family looking to adopt Jasmine lives outside the city and will be coming to see Jasmine on Saturday.  I won't get to meet them since I'm going on vacation starting tomorrow night.  Mom is going on vacation too so Jasmine is going to stay at another foster home and the people who are interested in adopting Jasmine will visit her there.  Mom says they seem quite nice, understand what it's like to have a young dog and are prepared to work with Jasmine so she'll become the great dog I know she can be. 

Every day Jasmine becomes a better dog.  She's starting to understand that when Mom tells her to do something she expected to do as she's told.  We play a lot in the house and have been getting lots of exercise outside so that's helped to bring down Jasmine's energy level and she is much more relaxed. 

I must bring good luck to the dogs that come to stay with us because every dog that comes to stay gets adopted right away.  Jasmine has been in AARCS care for a few months and it only took a few days of being with us that she has someone interested in adopting her.  I know I can't get my hopes up, but I'd like my wish to come true again so I'm hoping the people coming to visit Jasmine think she'd be a good fit for their family.

Did y'all know that the MS Walk is on Sunday?  This is my annual fund raising event.  I'll be on vacation Sunday, but I'm going to do the walk on June 11th or 12th.  If you'd like to pledge me I'm registered here Rupert's MS Walk website

Mom says I won't be able to blog while I'm on vacation so there won't be any update for a few days.