Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 87/20 Roxy and Lizzie have been Adopted!

Both Roxy and Lizzie have been adopted!

People from Edmonton drove to Calgary yesterday to see Lizze and she did so well. Mom was worried that she would hide or be fearful but she was playing with them and let them pet her. Lizzie has come out of her shell so much over the past couple of weeks it is amazing. Even Kenna came to visit the new people so they must have been really special. Mom says Kenna is going to be sad to lose her best buddy. Not as sad as Katie is though. She spent a lot of time last night wandering around meowing and looking for Lizzie. And Katie never makes a peep.  She is better today but she is definitely missing her sister.

This picture makes Mom laugh. Look how big Kenna is compared to Lizzie. The people that adopted Lizzie did say she was much smaller than she looked in her pictures and she is quite small. But Kenna looks like a giant in this picture.

Mom got this picture today of Lizzie at her new home. She seems to be settling in very well! They said she only hid for about 5 minutes and today she's going to get to meet her new cat brother!

I'm also going to miss my buddy Roxy. Roxy was with us for 87 days....the longest dog foster we've ever had. It certainly doesn't seem like she's been with us for that long. Mom says she already misses Roxy's constantly wagging tail following her wherever she went.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 82/14 Roxy has an Adoption Application

Roxy finally has a family that is interested in adopting her! Mom talked to them on Sunday and they are coming tomorrow night to visit with Roxy. We can't figure out why it's taken so long for someone to show an interest in her as she's a great little dog and people are missing out. We hope that this family is the one and Roxy finally finds her forever home.

Lizzie and Katie are doing really well. Katie still won't let Mom touch her, but she is not hiding. She stayed in the cat room until Sunday, even though the door had been open. 

Katie's favorite spot in the house is on the cat bed on the dining room chair. She spends almost all day on this chair. Then at night she wanders around. Mom isn't sure what goes on at night but there is a lot of running and jumping and every once in awhile there is a crash of something getting knocked over.

Lizzie has decided that she loves everyone in the house, including Mom. She is always with either Katie, Kenna or Mom. She follows Mom everywhere. Sometimes she acts like she doesn't want to be petted, but once Mom starts petting her she loves it. She doesn't like to be picked up though. From what Mom knows this is pretty common of the bengal breed. 

Lizzie will be going up for adoption in the near future. Mom says it would be great if she got adopted with Katie, but as long as she has another cat as a buddy in the home then Mom thinks she will be just fine.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 77/9 Guest Post by Kracker

Mom went away for a few days a couple of weeks ago and I got to go stay with Sierra. Roxy went to stay at another AARCS foster home where Kracker lives. Kracker writes a blog too!! Kracker thought it would be fun to guest post on my blog. Here's what Kracker has to say....

Hi, my name is Kracker and my family fosters for AARCS as well, a couple of weekends ago Roxy came to stay with us while Rupert’s Mom took a short holiday.  While Rupert and I have never met my Mom reads his blog all the time. In fact she kind of borrowed the idea and has started a blog for me to talk about our wonderful Fostering experience, well enough about me, Mom just reminded me of the real reason we are guest writing.

Roxy came to stay and I must say I did not think she was a dog at first, I wanted to chase her but Mom put a stop to that real quick and we all had a good sniff, yup she is a dog just like me. She wasn’t afraid of me or my BIG brother Tanner.

Roxy was pretty sad that her foster Mom left her behind and she started to howl, Mom was laughing so hard but Roxy didn’t seem to mind.  Me, I was just about to join in when she stopped.  I like to give a good howl.

The first night I was not happy, we just got our own new foster so I was getting used to her and when I realized that Roxy got to sleep on the BED all night, I had a little fit.  Mom said that Roxy was so tiny and used to sleeping on the bed that they wouldn’t even notice her.  And she was right, Roxy slept for the most part at the end of the bed and was no problem.

Roxy sure likes to have fun and she can entertain herself really well. I spent most of my time just watching her as she chased shadows, did speed rallies around the living room and tried to get as high as she could so she could see everything that was going on.  Best entertainment I have had in a long time.  Mom told me that this was pretty typical Miniature Pincher personality and that it was not a big deal.  We also shared the couch with everyone while we watched TV.  Roxy liked to sit on Dad’s lap.

Roxy played a bit with me and we ran around the living room, I liked that part.  Roxy also got to join us to go to the dog park.  At first Mom let her lead drag but soon she took it off and Roxy was super good.  She had a great time running everywhere but never far and always came back when Mom called.  Mom said she was better than me in that department.. I only come if there are treats involved…LOL.

Mom said that Roxy can come and visit us any time and I think she is pretty cool too, but I hope she finds her forever home soon.  Every dog, even tiny ones need a home of their own. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 73/5 Goodbye Suzi, Sylvester, Stewie, Stella and Sasha

Suzi and Sylvester have been adopted! A family came to visit a couple of weeks ago as they were interested in adopting Suzi. Because Suzi needs a buddy and they didn't have another cat in the home they were looking to adopt 2 kittens. The family has 3 children and everyone had a different kitten that they liked. Mom says she bets there was a lot of discussion in their house about which kittens they should adopt! They came back on Friday and picked up Suzi and Sylvester...although there was still lots of discussion and a few tears over who they should adopt. Mom got an update and Suzi and Sylvester are settling in very well and everyone loves the choice that was made. They can't even imagine have any other two. Yay!!

Stewie moved to another foster home that had two kittens but one was adopted. The remaining kitten, Cassie, was very lonely so Stewie went to keep her company. Cassie is so cute Mom can't believe she hasn't been adopted yet! Mom got an update from the new foster home and it seems that Stewie's new buddy is the big dog that lives in the house. Stewie loves everyone!

Stella and Sasha moved to my friend Bella's house on Friday to stay with Bella (and her Mom and Dad). They are the family that fostered Beaker and Honeydew and they became quite attached to them. It took some time for them to be ready to take some new fosters but they're ready to foster again. It's good timing because AARCS has been getting so many calls about cats in need and they're always looking for foster homes.

Mom seems to have lost the current pictures of the kittens :( Hopefully they're still on a memory card somewhere. She does have some pictures of the new fosters that arrived on Tuesday though! We'd like to welcome Katie and Lizzie...

Katie and Lizzie are bengal kittens who are approximately 5 months old.

They are very, very fearful of people. They came from a breeder who didn't want them and called AARCS to come take them off his hands. Mom has a strong opinion about this breeder but since I don't like the bad words she used I've asked her not to type them.

Katie is a black or melanistic bengal. Black bengal's are uncommon and, of course, breeders try to breed this color out but she is beautiful. Her coat is so shiny and she has the most amazing colored eyes.

Lizzie has typical bengal coloring. Bengal cats are in pretty high demand and it's unlikely they'll ever be found in a rescue organization. AARCS has already received a large volume of emails inquiring about these cats. They won't go up for adoption until they're better socialized and not so fearful of people.

Stay tuned for Katie and Lizzie's progress. Mom is going to try very hard to do updates more frequently and document Katie and Lizzie's transformation from fearful cats into cats that understand that humans can be wonderful people who will show them love and affection.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 61/38 Movin On

Mom is way behind in updating this blog! Every day I tell her there's lots of stuff to talk about and instead of typing for me we do other stuff. Some times that's car rides and some times that's going to the park so I'm trying not to get too upset with her. So here's what's been going on...

Sophie went to a new foster home a couple of weeks ago. Her kittens are old enough to be on their own now and it's time for Sophie to take care of herself. Mom got an update from her new foster home and she's doing great!  She's going to be spayed on Thursday and then she'll go up for adoption.

She is so pretty that Mom is sure she'll be adopted right away.

The kittens don't even seem to notice that she is gone. They're so focused on playing and biting Mom's toes that they don't even miss her. They are very active now and can run as fast as Mom can walk so we all have to be careful not to step on a kitten.

They'll be going next week to be fixed. Suzi already has an adoption application! A family is coming to see her and her siblings tomorrow night.

They are also very silly. All Mom has to do is look at Stella and she rolls over so that she'll get her belly rubbed. Even if she's in the toy basket!

So far Roxy has had two adoption applications but neither people have come to see her or talked to Mom. They don't know what they're missing as Roxy is a great little dog. She doesn't play with me as much as Lola did, but I still like her a lot.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 45/22 Catching Up

Mom has taken on a new role with AARCS as the Cat Shelter Coordinator so she's been very busy doing stuff that she doesn't tell me about. We seem to spend less time watching TV and more time in the office. Sometime we get to go for car rides to a place called Safe Haven, but I don't get to go inside. It's OK though because I like to go for car rides. I don't need to go inside.

The biggest news is that Violet has been adopted! This was a sad day because we all loved Violet very much. She went to a great home and we know she's going to be loved forever. Roxy really liked Violet's new Dad and sat on his lap the whole time he was filling out the adoption paper work so that's a good sign.

Sophie and her kittens are doing great. The kittens are now out and about in the whole house and they are having a blast! There haven't been any accidents which makes Mom really, really happy.

Sophie has been taking good care of the kittens. They are all chubby little balls of fur that are eating and drinking on their own now. It won't be long until Sophie will move to another foster home so that she can focus on taking care of herself. She's quite thin, as most Momma cats are and Mom suspects she's pretty young too. When the mood strikes her she will play and play and play with the cat toys.

Sophie has such interesting coloring. Mom hasn't been able to get a good picture of her because she always seems to be taking pictures of the kittens!

But it's hard not to focus on the kittens because they are so darn cute.

Mom's been waiting to see if Suzi's eyes are going to change but they seem to be turning a lighter blue. This will be our first kitten with blue eyes and she is so pretty.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 89/25/2 Welcome Sophie, Stewie, Sylvester, Stella, Sasha and Suzi

Well, as you can see by the lengthy list of names in the post title there are some new fosters in our house! Mom went out Saturday afternoon and when she came home she had a Mom and 5 little kittens.

Sophie is the Mom and there are 2 male and 3 female kittens. The kittens are about 4 weeks old and look quite large in this picture but they are still little.

Sophie is very friendly and has been taking good care of her kittens. I haven't been allowed to see them yet as everyone is still settling in but Mom says I better get prepared because the kittens are very active!

Lola went to her forever home yesterday. Mom got an update from her new family and it sounds as though she's settling in very well. Roxy doesn't seem to miss her at all. She does really want to see the kittens though. I remember what Fiona was like with her kittens so I'm steering clear of trying to get in to see the kittens until Mom says it's safe!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 88/24 Lola's Been Adopted!

A nice family came to see Lola yesterday and they immediately fell in love with her. Lola fell in love with them too. She's going to have a new best friend with the family's 13 year old son. They will be picking up Lola later this morning and as sad as we are to see her go, we know she is going to a great home where she'll get lots of love.

Mom took a few final pictures of Lola and we all like this one the best.  OK, Mom likes this one the best, I'm more interested in having a final play with Lola than I am in having her picture taken.

On Friday Violet went to the Vet to be spayed. Most fosters, especially the little ones, hardly show any indication that they've had surgery. It's a struggle to keep them quiet even for a day. Not Violet, she was very dopey when she got home Friday night. She relaxed and slept most of the evening.

She slept in some pretty weird positions as well.

Yesterday she was back to her normal self. Since she's been spayed she can now go up for adoption! As soon as Mom finds some time to fill out the website update and send it in to AARCS Violet will be put on the AARCS website.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 85/21 Roxy and Lola have Adoption Applications

There's been lots going on around our house but the biggest news is that both Roxy and Lola have adoption applications. A family is coming to see Lola tomorrow and we're still waiting to hear from the family that's interested in Roxy.

We have been going to the dog park whenever the weather isn't too hot. We would all still like to go, but Mom says some days it is too hot for me to run around. Pugs aren't very good at regulating their body temperature and I find it too hot when other dogs are still fine.  We have been playing in the pool when it is too hot. Roxy won't go near the pool, but boy does she like the hose!

Lily didn't get adopted, but Dahlia YAY for Dahlia. Because Rose had been at her new foster home for only a short time and the resident cat hadn't warmed up to the kittens yet the new foster home and Mom thought it would be a good idea if Lily moved to the new foster home. Now Rose has someone to play with. Don't worry that Violet will be lonely because she still has Kenna to play with. Plus, she has decided that Lola is her new best friend.

We had a temporary visitor for a couple of days while a permanent foster home was found.

This is Fergus. He is about 13 weeks old and is super friendly for a kitten that was found living all by himself at the dump. He's gone to his permanent foster home and Mom heard he's already got an adoption application!

Stay tuned for an update on Roxy and Lola's adoption applications.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 70/6 Foster Home Shuffle

As I'm sure you all will agree there were a lot of fosters in our house to take care of. As much as we want to help as many four legged friends as possible so that I fulfill my wish, there's only so much room in our house and time in the day, but there is always enough love to give. Thankfully another foster home came forward and said that they would take Sookie and her kittens.  They were always supposed to be a temporary fosters until a permanent foster home became availalble and the timing was perfect. Sookie and her kittens went to another foster home last night.

Here's one last look at Sookie's cute little babies

Dahlia and Rose went to another foster home on Saturday. The main foster parent in that house is a teenage girl and Mom said it was great to see such a responsible young lady stepping up and helping out. Plus Dahlia and Rose are going to be so spoiled!

In case you've lost track that leaves us with Violet and Lily, Lola and Roxy as our fosters.  Lola and Roxy are settling in quite well.  They went to the AARCS event in Chestermere on Saturday and were very, very excited by all the activity. It took them a lot of time to settle down but by the end of the event they were pretty good. They've been at a kennel for the past 3 months so they've got some energy to burn and it's unlikely they've been around a lot of people during that time. Overall Mom thought they did pretty good.

On Sunday Lola, Roxy and I went to the Mini Mutts meet up. Mom was a bit unsure how Roxy was going to react as she was very excited, barking and pulling on her leash when she saw another dog on Saturday. She did fantastic! Far better than Mom thought she would.  There was no barking, no fear or too much excitement being around all the other dogs from either Roxy or Lola.

Here's Roxy making some new friends.

Surprisingly Lola was one of the first dogs to lie down. I guess two days of social outings was more than she could handle.

I almost forgot to mention that Lily has an adoption application! There is a lady coming to see her tonight. She's also going to see Dahlia and Rose. I'd be happy if any of the three kittens get adopted since Dahlia and Rose still seem like they are our foster kittens.  Stay tuned to see if one of them gets adopted!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 65/7/1 Welcome Roxy and Lola

Finally! We have some dog fosters for me to play with. Last night a family came to our house to drop off 2 foster dogs to stay with us.

Lola is a Boston Terrier/Chihuahua cross who is about a year and a half old. She is very friendly and loves to run around the yard with me. She loves Mom and is always running up to her for some ear scratches.

Roxy is a Miniature Pinscher who is four years old. She likes to play with me too, but not as much as Lola does. Roxy likes Mom as well but is more reserved than Lola. She likes to sit beside Mom but doesn't want to snuggle like Lola does.

Both dogs are very happy to be here. Their tails haven't stopped wagging since they arrived. Once we spent some time outside getting to know one another it was time to come inside.  After checking out the house and settling down it was time to meet the kittens.  Roxy pretty much just ignores the kittens. Which is good because they keep hissing at her.  They hiss at Lola too but Lola would like to play with them. She's been giving them space so at least there hasn't been any swatting.  The kittens are separated from the dogs, but can come into the dog's space if they want.

Sookie and her kittens are doing really well. Sookie still wants to stay with them all the time and hasn't left their sides.

Even when she's not in the kennel with them she checks on them quite frequently.

The kittens aren't very mobile yet. They crawl around on their bellies but stay in the kennel in their little kitten pile. Mom takes them out to have a quick snuggle, make sure everyone is doing OK and sometimes takes a picture or two.

There's a whole lot of activity going on in our house and Mom says we're over capacity. Tomorrow Dahlia and Rose are going to move to another foster home. Lily will stay to keep Violet company as Mom wants to keep Violet until she's adopted. AARCS is still looking for a permanent foster home for Sookie and her kittens too.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 61/3 Welcome Sookie and Her Kittens

Yup, you read that right, there are more kitten in the house! Mom and I went for a drive on Friday, stopped at the Vet and picked up Sookie and her 4 kittens. They are supposed to be temporary guests, staying with us until a permanent foster home is found. I haven't got to see them yet as Sookie doesn't want anyone near her babies. Except for Mom, she loves Mom.

Sookie is settling in quite well and seems to enjoy having peace and quiet (yes, it can be peaceful and quiet in our house!) to take care of her kittens. Mom checks on her quite frequently and Sookie is always snuggled up with her kittens.

This is Sookie with her kittens. The tabby had his eyes open when we picked them up so Mom figures the kittens were about 7 days old. As of this morning they all have their eyes open.

Sookie giving her baby a bath. She's a very attentive Mom.

Look at that fat little belly!

So far Sookie hasn't ventured very far away from the kittens. She has never asked to be let out of the room and even when Mom opens the door for her she'd rather stay with her kittens.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 60 Goodbye Marigold

The couple who put in the adoption application came to see Marigold last night. Amanda had already seen Marigold a few times when she was into the Vet clinic but her husband had never met her. I think he fell in love with her right away. With all the kittens really. Kenna hardly visits with anyone that comes to visit but she visited with them so that's the ultimate seal of approval. Marigold when home with them last night.

We were all sad to see Marigold leave. Mom says the spay surgery kind of snuck up on her and then the adoption application was so quick. I'll miss her because Marigold likes to play with me and therefore is my favorite kitten. We have a game where Marigold tries to bite my leg and I run around in circles. Mom thinks this is a weird game, but what does she know?

Marigold was definitely the silliest kitten of the litter and Mom says she's going to miss her antics the most.

Like how she always walked on the edge of everything. She was always walking around on the edge of the litter box and here she is on the edge of the water bowl trying to fish out something that Kenna dropped in it.

Mom's favorite Marigold moment was when she first put clay litter in one of the litter boxes. It was the best new toy ever!

Come back tomorrow as we have more news to share.  Yes, that's right, three blog posts in three days. I told Mom she's been slacking off and I'm going to make her start working for all snuggles I give her!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 59 Dahlia, Lily, Marigold and Rose are up for Adoption

Dahlia, Lily, Marigold and Rose went to the Vet on Thursday to be spayed. It was supposed to be for vaccinations, but Mom said they were big enough to be spayed now so she changed the appointment. Mom says they all did great, but someone forgot to tell them that they are supposed to take it easy after surgery. They were quiet Thursday night, but back to their normal rambunctious selves on Friday.

Violet went in to get her first vaccination. The Vet says that she has to weigh 2lbs before she can be spayed. She's up to 1.2lbs now though! She's started to eat kibble now too. Mom is sure she's probably eaten some before, but all the other kittens eat kibble quite regularily but Mom never sees Violet eating any.

Now that the kittens have been spayed they are up for adoption.  Marigold already has an application! One of the girls at the Vet's office had already put in an application when Mom went to pick them up on Thursday.

Mom got a new lens for her camera so she's been testing it out.

Kodak and I went to the dog park a couple of days while he was here. Kodak *loves* the dog park. He was running all over the place and jumping through the long grass like a little deer.

Stay tuned to hear about Marigold's adoption.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 53 Donemto Comes for a Mini Break

On Friday night another foster Mom came by and dropped off Donemto. She calls him Kodak, so that's what we're calling him too. I am so happy to have another dog to play with! Even if it was hot on Friday and Mom thought I was going to have a heart attack because I was panting and breathing so hard.

As you can see Kodak is very cute.  Mom can't figure out what kind of breeds Kodak has in his history but he looks as though there's some retriever. Kodak is pretty small though.

Kodak is such a well behaved dog.  He is still young and he loves to play.  He got all of my toys out of the toy box yesterday.

And there are LOTS of toys.  Mom says she's glad that someone is getting some use out of them because I have 4 or 5 that I like and the rest sit unplayed with.

Mom can't believe that Kodak hasn't been adopted yet.  He's such a great dog. He got to stay out with me yesterday while Mom went out for a few hours and he did great! She even forgot to put away her shoes and everything in the house was exactly where she left it and the shoes were untouched. Kodak is fully house trained, sleeps in his kennel at night without a peep and has only barked once. And that was when we were playing and he was frustrated because I kept going around the chair that he can't get behind.  He's also fascinated with the kittens.  At first he didn't know what in the world to think of them but now he thinks there are OK and loves to wash their faces after they've eaten. Kodak would really like to play with them but doesn't fully understand that they're not as big and strong as him.  He'll nudge a kitten every once in awhile and Mom will tell him to 'leave it' and he backs right away. His foster family has done such a great job with teaching Kodak good manners!

There have been some lazy days around the house because it's been so hot.  Everyone likes to sprawl out for an early evening nap. Mom says this is a good picture of Marigold's interesting coloring and shows off all of Rose's spots.

Kenna usually likes to find someplace cool to sleep. Like the top of the toilet tank or the slate in front of the fire place.  She's managed to push the blanket aside so that she can sleep on the leather so I guess that's as close to cool as she can find on the couch.

It's rare that there's only one cat on the cat climber but Lily looks pretty comfortable having it all to herself. It almost looks like she has a little smile on her face.

The kittens have an appointment at the Vet next Thursday to have their second set of vaccinations.  Mom is sure that Dahlia, Lily, Rose and Marigold are now big enough to be spayed.  That means they'll be going up for adoption soon!  Violet will likely get a vaccination during this visit, but Mom doesn't figure she big enough to be spayed yet.  

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 46/138 Goodbye Valentine

Well if finally happened.  Yesterday Valentine went to his forever home.  Colleen and her sister drove all the way down from St. Albert to pick him up.  Valentine has gone to a wonderful home and we're all very happy for him.  Mom says we were all very brave when he left, but instantly the house seemed empty without him. Valentine was with us for 138 days, our longest foster yet.  He was a big part of our family and we're going to miss him for quite some time.

The kittens are getting bigger and crazier so at least there is lots to keep us occupied.

Look who weighs 1lb!  It's taken a long time, ten and a half weeks, but Violet has finally made it to one pound.

Marigold has more orange that shows up in her coat every day.  Mom can't wait to see what she looks like as she gets bigger.

Mom is developing a theory that all black and white kittens are the bravest, silliest of a litter.  This was the case with Kiefer and Dahlia is proving the theory correct as well.

The ball toy is still a big hit.  Mom posted pictures of Fiona's kittens in this toy a couple of months ago....look how much bigger Kenna and  Kiefer were in it compared to Violet.  And they were only 6 weeks old.

All the kittens love the cat scratching post.  Lily especially likes it in the afternoon when the sun is shining on it.

Rose has always been the messiest eater of the whole litter.  At least only her nose is covering in food now instead of her whole face.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 36/128 Visit to the Vet

On Saturday the kittens went to the Vet to have their first set of vaccinations. The good news is that they are all healthy and have gained weight since the last time they were at the Vet.  The not so great news is that Violet didn't get a vaccination because the Vet felt she was too little and thought the stress the vaccination would put on her system might be too much.  Dahlia is the biggest kitten at 1.4lbs and Violet is the smallest at 0.6lbs.  The last time the kittens went to the Vet Violet and Marigold weighed 0.4lbs and now Marigold weighs 1.2lbs so she has caught up to Dahlia, Lily and Rose!

Violet on the other hand just doesn't seem to be growing very quickly.  Mom and the Vet discussed her in great length and there doesn't seem to be anything physically wrong with her so they're just going to monitor her more closesly and make sure that she is gaining weight.  She hadn't gained any weight in the week leading up to the Vet visit but Mom weighed her last night and she's gained about 1oz in the past 4 days.  This is great news! It would be better if it was twice that much but at least she is gaining weight.

Violet might be little, but she's pretty brave.  She is less crazy than the other kittens, but she can certainly do everything that they do.  Mom says Violet is her favorite because she doesn't use Mom as a chew toy.  I think she smells really good because I'm always going up to her and sniffing her.

Mom hasn't taken nearly as many pictures of this bunch of kittens as the last, but she says that's because there's been more playing and less picture taking.  She has managed to step up the picture taking a bit.

Try as one might, it's quite difficult to see inside a kittens mouth...unless you've got a camera and it's nap time.

Pleeeeease can't we go outside!  You'll note my legs in the background of the picture.  Not to brag, but only one of the five of us got to go outside after this picture was taken.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 28/120 Valentine Has an Adoption Application!

That's right blog readers, Valentine has an application.  A nice lady from St. Albert is interested in adopting Valentine.  In fact, Mom says she's pretty sure the lady is already completely in love with Valentine and she hasn't even met him yet. She doesn't even know half of how great he is!  Mom says St. Albert is really far away and therefore the lady is coming down to see Valentine on July 1 or 2.  Mom says that's alright with her because Valentine is very busy taking care of the kittens!

As you can see, Valentine has been teaching Kenna how to take over once he leaves.

The kittens have grown quite a lot in the past couple of weeks.  They have really filled out and are pretty much the size they should be for their age.  All except for Violet, she's still half the size of an average 8 week old kitten.  She is gaining lots of weight and isn't skinny any more; she's just a really tiny kitten.

Mom has been trying to take a picture that gives a perspective of how small Violet is.  This isn't great, but here she is beside an avocado.  Which Violet was hoping was food and was disappointed that she couldn't eat. For a little kitten she is hungry all the time!

The kittens are rarely awake and in the same place at the same time so this is the best picture that Mom has taken of them all together.  Even if she did have to wake them up and Violet is giving her the stink eye.

Kenna has decided that she likes the kittens too. They're big enough (and brave enough) to play with her so she thinks they're ok.

Well I have to run. Sierra is staying with us for a few days and I have to get in all the doggie play time that I can!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 16/108 Growing Up

A lot has been happening over the past couple of weeks and Mom has been very busy!  Firstly, I'd like to say that Kenna is my new best friend.  We have started to play together and sleep beside one another on the couch.  I just wish that she could go outside with me, but Mom says that's not allowed.  Oh well, we'll just run more inside the house!

Beaker and Honeydew have moved to another foster home.  One of Mom's work friends decided they'd like to give fostering a try so they took them last Friday.  The couple that took them are Oscar's first Mom and Dad so I know they are going to be well taken care of until they can find their forever homes. I hope that Meg and Kent like fostering and will continue to do so because that would be like an extension of my wish and means we could help twice as many animals.

The younger kittens are doing very well.  Mom started to feed them some milk with a syringe because she was concerned they weren't getting enough liquid.  They LOVE it!  They scream and fight with one another to get up on her lap first.  She's cut it back a bit since she first started because now that the kittens are all eating well she wants them to learn to eat and drink on their own.  Mom figures it's mostly the ceremony that they like because they won't drink the same milk out of a bowl.  Mom says that because they don't have a Mom she understands that they still need that comfort of nursing.

All the kittens went to the vet last week to get checked out.  The Vet said they are all healthy, but quite small and thin.  The littlest ones only weigh 0.4lbs. That was the day after Mom had started to supplement with the milk but now they all have full bellies and are growing like weeds.  Violet is still really small and thin, but she spends the most time in the food bowl.  She doesn't like to drink as much milk as the others, but she's drinking more every day.  She is very active and playful so Mom says she's sure she will catch up to the others.

Dahlia is the biggest of the kittens and the most mischievous.  If there can be any kind of danger involved in what she's doing then that is what she does.

Marigold is one of the tiniest kittens.  Mom calls her Bobble Head because her head seems to be so much bigger than the rest of her body.  She's grown quite a bit in the past week and now she's got long skinny legs.

At first Kenna didn't like the kittens at all!  She'd hiss and swat at them.  Then she'd walk around growling at them.  Now she's decided that they're OK.  She's started to play with them and groom them.  Which they really need because they are messy little kittens and no matter how many times Mom washes their faces they still look ratty.

Of course Valentine loves the kittens.  As you can see they have a lot of growing to do before they'll be as big as him.  Actually, Mom says it's highly unlikely they'll ever be as big as him.

Lastly, we have one more cat that is staying with us.  Her name is Zoe and she's not very happy to be here and therefore doesn't want her picture taken.  Mom brought her to see if she would nurse the kittens since she had 8 week old kittens of her own.  She wanted nothing to do with the kittens.  She also don't like Val or Kenna.  She loves me though!  But then again, everybody loves me.  Mom says hopefully another foster home is going to take her in the next few days. It's unfortunate that Zoe hangs out by herself all day.  She is very, very friendly towards humans, she just doesn't like other cats.