Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 34, 24, 7 Welcome Jimmy Cliff

Mom says she is sorry that it's taken so long to introduce our new foster....

Jimmy Cliff

A young cat named Bowie came into AARCS care with a fractured spine so needed a foster home to care for her as she recovers. The foster home that Jimmy Cliff was in said that she could take Bowie but that she could only care for one cat at a time. So Jimmy came to stay with us. Jimmy is already up for adoption so go check out his profile  He is the most wonderful cat to have around. He loves everyone and is very chatty.

The kittens are growing so quickly. They are starting to play and explore a bit further away from their 'den'.

Janet is the largest kitten. It seems they nurse all the time but clearly Janet spends a bit more time eating than her siblings.

 Jack is the smallest and quietest.

Chrissy is the most adventurous. She is the first out of their bed when Mom comes to visit and is trying really hard to be fast, but she just looks like she's drunk as she stubbles around.

Kimmy is always keeping an eye on what Mom is doing but she has no problems with Mom being around the kittens. Once she moved them out of the kennel everything changed and  she's quite happy to let Mom get as close to them as she wants.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 26,16 Goodbye Lacey and Libby

Well Lacey and Libby's new Mom and Dad decided that they couldn't wait until they were back from vacation to take them to their new home. They picked them up last night. Mom said we didn't have to say a final goodbye yet because they will be coming back to stay with us at the end of the month.

Mom has been moving the sheet back on Kimmy's 'den' a little bit each day. This was the point where Kimmy decided it was too much and she moved the kittens. Can you see them? No? They got moved to the cat bed under the sheet beside the kennel.

This didn't really work in Kimmy's favor as now Mom has better access to the kittens.

 This is Chrissy.

 And Jack.
And Janet...who looks just like Kimmy.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 25, 22, 12 Libby and Lacey Have Been Adopted!

That's right, Libby and Lacey have been adopted. That sure didn't take long. But they are so cute and irresistible Mom says she's not surprised. They haven't left for their new home yet as their new Mom and Dad are going away on vacation in a couple of weeks. They'll be picking up Libby and Lacey when they return.

Malaya says she's glad the will be here a bit longer. She is in love with the kittens! She has realized that the kittens will run from one end of the house to the other with her. Malaya has even started to groom the kittens. The kittens have been a good influence on her. Maybe it's because she sees how happy they get when Mom picks them up or pets them but now Malaya is more accepting of human contact. Yesterday Sierra's Mom came over and Malaya even let her pet her!

Until it's time for Libby and Lacey to go to their new home they'll continue to rule the house hang out with us. Although this morning Lacey decided to use my back as a vaulting horse to jump onto Mom's leg. We're going to have a talk later about how this behaviour is not acceptable!

Kimmy's kittens are now 11 days old. Their eyes are open and they are starting to move around quite a bit. Kimmy is still very protective of her kittens and has made it quite clear that Mom can look, but cannot touch or go into her 'den'. Hopefully when the kittens get big enough to venture out of the kennel on their own Kimmy will be OK with the kittens coming near Mom.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 19, 16, 6 Lacey and Libby have an Adoption Application

Lacy and Libby went up for adoption yesterday afternoon. Mom got an adoption application on them last night. They are so cute we knew it wouldn't take long for them to be adopted yet. They haven't been adopted yet, but if this family doesn't adopt them it won't take long before another comes along.

Until that time there has been a lot of lazying around.

Lacey and Libby are almost inseparable. They play really well together and we hope that they will be adopted together.

Libby looks pretty comfy on the cat bed that Mom put on the cat tree. This is the first time that anyone has laid on this shelf so I guess it needed a cat bed.

Kimmy and babies are doing really great. Kimmy is a very protective Mom and doesn't like it when Mom gets too close to her babies. She will hardly ever leave their side. She loves when Mom scratches her head but she's torn between wanting some affection and leaving her kittens; so she's very restless.

Mom did manage to snap a quick pick of the kittens when she changed the blanket. Kimmy was not very happy about this and was a bit upset with Mom. Mom hopes that once the kittens are able to move about and get out of the kennel she'll get to spend some more time with them.

Stay tuned to see how Lacey and Libby's adoption application turns out!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 14, 11, 1 Happy Birthday Kittens!

Today was a very busy day around our house. Most importantly (unless you are Lacey and Libby) Kimmy had 3 kittens this morning! I'm not allowed to see kittens when they are this little but Mom says they are very, very cute.

This is what Kimmy looked like yesterday....

...and this is what Kimmy looks like today!

She had 2 kittens that look just like her, grey and white, and 1 kitten that is black and white. Mom says Kimmy is a very good Mom. She is quite protective of them and covers them up if Mom gets too close. The kittens are all eating well and have fat little bellies.

Lacey and Libby went to the Vet to be spayed today. Lacey can now go up for adoption, but Libby won't be ready for another 10 days.

Libby has a broken toe. Now she has to have this big band-aid on her foot and wear the cone of shame for 10 days. She broke her toe by pulling on the speaker wire and the small speaker that sits on the end table fell on her. I tried to give her kisses when she came home from the Vet but she was too sleepy to pay much attention to me.

Oscar has moved to a new foster home. She really, really didn't like Kenna and she was getting too many time outs to make her time with us very enjoyable. Everybody seems to be happier and more relaxed now that she's gone so Mom says that's a good thing.

Stay tuned for more updates...likely about about kittens, but maybe some stuff about me!!