Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 34, 24, 7 Welcome Jimmy Cliff

Mom says she is sorry that it's taken so long to introduce our new foster....

Jimmy Cliff

A young cat named Bowie came into AARCS care with a fractured spine so needed a foster home to care for her as she recovers. The foster home that Jimmy Cliff was in said that she could take Bowie but that she could only care for one cat at a time. So Jimmy came to stay with us. Jimmy is already up for adoption so go check out his profile  He is the most wonderful cat to have around. He loves everyone and is very chatty.

The kittens are growing so quickly. They are starting to play and explore a bit further away from their 'den'.

Janet is the largest kitten. It seems they nurse all the time but clearly Janet spends a bit more time eating than her siblings.

 Jack is the smallest and quietest.

Chrissy is the most adventurous. She is the first out of their bed when Mom comes to visit and is trying really hard to be fast, but she just looks like she's drunk as she stubbles around.

Kimmy is always keeping an eye on what Mom is doing but she has no problems with Mom being around the kittens. Once she moved them out of the kennel everything changed and  she's quite happy to let Mom get as close to them as she wants.

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  1. I'm Jimmy-cliffs new mama. Just though I would let you know that Jim is doing amazing! He's such a sweet, loving boy. He has two feline brothers and two small dogs as companions as well as various fosters that come through. Some days we wonder if he believes that he is a dog - does zoomies with the dogs and plays fetch sometimes! His favorite human food snack to steal is pistachios - goes crazy for them!