Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 14, 11, 1 Happy Birthday Kittens!

Today was a very busy day around our house. Most importantly (unless you are Lacey and Libby) Kimmy had 3 kittens this morning! I'm not allowed to see kittens when they are this little but Mom says they are very, very cute.

This is what Kimmy looked like yesterday....

...and this is what Kimmy looks like today!

She had 2 kittens that look just like her, grey and white, and 1 kitten that is black and white. Mom says Kimmy is a very good Mom. She is quite protective of them and covers them up if Mom gets too close. The kittens are all eating well and have fat little bellies.

Lacey and Libby went to the Vet to be spayed today. Lacey can now go up for adoption, but Libby won't be ready for another 10 days.

Libby has a broken toe. Now she has to have this big band-aid on her foot and wear the cone of shame for 10 days. She broke her toe by pulling on the speaker wire and the small speaker that sits on the end table fell on her. I tried to give her kisses when she came home from the Vet but she was too sleepy to pay much attention to me.

Oscar has moved to a new foster home. She really, really didn't like Kenna and she was getting too many time outs to make her time with us very enjoyable. Everybody seems to be happier and more relaxed now that she's gone so Mom says that's a good thing.

Stay tuned for more updates...likely about about kittens, but maybe some stuff about me!!

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