Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 25, 22, 12 Libby and Lacey Have Been Adopted!

That's right, Libby and Lacey have been adopted. That sure didn't take long. But they are so cute and irresistible Mom says she's not surprised. They haven't left for their new home yet as their new Mom and Dad are going away on vacation in a couple of weeks. They'll be picking up Libby and Lacey when they return.

Malaya says she's glad the will be here a bit longer. She is in love with the kittens! She has realized that the kittens will run from one end of the house to the other with her. Malaya has even started to groom the kittens. The kittens have been a good influence on her. Maybe it's because she sees how happy they get when Mom picks them up or pets them but now Malaya is more accepting of human contact. Yesterday Sierra's Mom came over and Malaya even let her pet her!

Until it's time for Libby and Lacey to go to their new home they'll continue to rule the house hang out with us. Although this morning Lacey decided to use my back as a vaulting horse to jump onto Mom's leg. We're going to have a talk later about how this behaviour is not acceptable!

Kimmy's kittens are now 11 days old. Their eyes are open and they are starting to move around quite a bit. Kimmy is still very protective of her kittens and has made it quite clear that Mom can look, but cannot touch or go into her 'den'. Hopefully when the kittens get big enough to venture out of the kennel on their own Kimmy will be OK with the kittens coming near Mom.

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