Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 19, 16, 6 Lacey and Libby have an Adoption Application

Lacy and Libby went up for adoption yesterday afternoon. Mom got an adoption application on them last night. They are so cute we knew it wouldn't take long for them to be adopted yet. They haven't been adopted yet, but if this family doesn't adopt them it won't take long before another comes along.

Until that time there has been a lot of lazying around.

Lacey and Libby are almost inseparable. They play really well together and we hope that they will be adopted together.

Libby looks pretty comfy on the cat bed that Mom put on the cat tree. This is the first time that anyone has laid on this shelf so I guess it needed a cat bed.

Kimmy and babies are doing really great. Kimmy is a very protective Mom and doesn't like it when Mom gets too close to her babies. She will hardly ever leave their side. She loves when Mom scratches her head but she's torn between wanting some affection and leaving her kittens; so she's very restless.

Mom did manage to snap a quick pick of the kittens when she changed the blanket. Kimmy was not very happy about this and was a bit upset with Mom. Mom hopes that once the kittens are able to move about and get out of the kennel she'll get to spend some more time with them.

Stay tuned to see how Lacey and Libby's adoption application turns out!

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