Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 62 Goodbye Willie

Tonight Willie went to his forever home.  Already to house is way too quiet.  I'm about to start the 24 hour nap that happens every time a foster leaves and Mom says she's going to have a big glass of wine. 

We're both really excited for Willie.  He's going to a great home where he'll get lots of love and never be unwanted again.

Here's one last picture of Willie and I together.  Sometimes I thougth Willie was a bit of a pain, but at the end of the day he was a really great buddy and I'm going to miss him.

Mom says there's presently no foster dog lined up to come and stay with us, but that's likely to change at any moment.  Check back often to see who I'm going to help next.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 58 Willie has been Adopted!

Yesterday was a really busy around our house.  Mom had to run some errands first thing in the morning and Willie got to go with her.  I was quite upset that I had to stay home and even more so when Willie told me they went to the Dog Park!  Then a very nice family came to see if Willie was the right dog for them.  I didn't get to go for a walk with them so I was upset again.  My day was not starting off well.  A bit later I got to go to Pugoween!! This explains why I was forced to sit around all morning.

This year I dressed up as a cow.  Mom says I look pretty cute, but it took a lot of pictures to get one where I wasn't scowling at the camera.

There was an AARCS dog, Reggae, at the pug meet up.  Reggae is about 10 years old and has some medical issues.  He's an AARCS forever foster, meaning he'll stay in AARCS care for the rest of his life.  He had a great time.  I hope he gets to come to more meet ups. 
Here he is meeting the youngest pug at the meet up.  Beau is only 10 weeks old.  People were practically lining up to have a snuggle with him.

When we came home from Pugoween another nice family came to visit with Willie.  Both families loved Willie and wanted to adopt him, so Mom had to make a decision on which family would get to adopt Willie.  She said that sucked (her words, not mine.  I'd never be so vulgar) because she really liked them both.  In the end she chose the family she thought would be best for Willie.  Now Willie is officially adopted!  His new family will be picking him up on Thursday.  Yay for Willie!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 54 Still up for Adoption

The family that came to see Willie on Saturday decided that they were looking for a dog older than Willie.  It's good that they now have a better understanding of the age of dog that they want and I'm sure that Willie won't have a problem finding a forever home.  As a matter of fact, Mom got another adoption application for Willie on Monday.  Mom has been emailing with the family, answering lots of questions (Mom says she likes when they ask lots of questions) and the family might come see Willie tomorrow.

Other than that we've been hanging out and enjoying the cooler weather.  The afternoons are warm and it's still light out so we have been going for some long walks.  Willie is recovering from his neuter surgery really well.  He hasn't had to wear the cone; which is a good thing because Mom put it on him the first day for about 15 minutes and he looked pretty silly.  Plus, it was huge so he kept bumping into everything and could hardly get up the stairs.  As you can see he's feeling just fine.

Mom has been trying to get some pictures to show Willie's interesting coloring.

He likes to pose for the camera rather than have a sneak attack shot from the back.  She's managed to snap a couple though.

Look at how interesting his tail looks! 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 50 Willie is up for Adoption

Willie went up for adoption late Thursday.  And the really great news is that he's already had an application submitted and the family came to visit him today!  But let's back up a few days and I'll tell you all the stuff that's being going on.

On Wendesday Willie went to the Vet to be neutered.  While Mom worked I spent the day wandering around with my sad face on and my tail down.  I missed my buddy Willie.  Mom said I should have spent the day sleeping, but I was too worried about where Willie was.  Later we went to pick up Willie and I sure was happy!  Willie wasn't feeling 100% on Wednesday night so we had a quiet night.  Thursday he was back to normal!  You would never know he'd had surgery. 

Since he'd been neutered he could go up for adoption and Mom sent in his website info on Thursday and he was on the AARCS adoption website by the end of the day.  Less than 24 hrs later Mom got an email and a phone call about people interested in adopting Willie.  Mom talked to them Friday night and they scheduled a visit for this afternoon.   They came to visit Willie and brought their dog Diego.  Diego was more interested in checking out the back yard than in visiting with Willie, but he seemed to like him.  At one point we all started to play; running around the back yard and some physical playing.  Mom was shocked to see that I was trying to protect Willie when I thought Diego was getting too rough.  He wasn't, but I wasn't going to let anyone be mean to my foster brother!  I even barked at Diego and Mom said she isn't sure that she's ever seen me bark at another dog.  Sure, I like to bark at the mailman and those crazy people called 'teenagers' riding their skateboards down the sidewalk, but never at another dog. 

When we were in the backyard Diego noticed that one of the nylabones was out there.  Before Diego had a chance to pick it up and have a closer look Willie snitched it away.  He's been keeping it close ever since.  He even guarded it while he had a nap.

He forgot about it after awhile and then I chewed on it for about an hour.  Mom says we're like a bunch of 5 year olds after a new kid has come over and seen our toys.  Neither of us have played with this bone for days; but now that a new dog has shown an interest it's our favorite toy and we can't let it out of our site.

Now we'll wait to see if the couple that came to visit think Willie will be a good fit into their family.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 44 Neuter Time!

Willie is going to be neutered on Wednesday!  Y'all know what that means...then he'll get to go up for adoption.  I've told Willie that being neutered isn't as bad as what Mom has told him, but we're all pretty sure Willie is going to be the first foster that has to wear a cone after being neutered.

We've been getting lots of exercise.  While Willie is a very calm dog, he is still a puppy and likes to run and play.  We saw lots of new people on our walk the other day.  When we were on the ridge there was a little boy and his Dad walking in front of us.  Near the beginning they were close to us and we got to say hello.  Then we got distracted by bugs (Willie) and smells (Me) so they moved about 40 feet ahead.  It was great training for Willie because he really, really wanted to go and say hello again but Mom kept calling him back when he'd get about half way.  Willie came back every time!  Then when we were walking back home we met a group of about 1000 kids.  OK, Mom says there were about 8, but they swarm and reach from all angles and it seems like a lot more.  Willie and I did great at not getting over excited and letting the kids pet us.  And the kids thought it was the most incredible thing they'd ever seen when they asked if we could do 'tricks' and we both sat when asked.  Kids...they're so easily impressed.

Willie and I are really good buddies.  Sometimes I get sick of his constant wanting to play but I do like having him around.  He's good at playing chase around the coffee table in the living room or around the dining room table.  Every once in awhile he'll even play a game of tug o war!  Then we nap.