Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 89/25/2 Welcome Sophie, Stewie, Sylvester, Stella, Sasha and Suzi

Well, as you can see by the lengthy list of names in the post title there are some new fosters in our house! Mom went out Saturday afternoon and when she came home she had a Mom and 5 little kittens.

Sophie is the Mom and there are 2 male and 3 female kittens. The kittens are about 4 weeks old and look quite large in this picture but they are still little.

Sophie is very friendly and has been taking good care of her kittens. I haven't been allowed to see them yet as everyone is still settling in but Mom says I better get prepared because the kittens are very active!

Lola went to her forever home yesterday. Mom got an update from her new family and it sounds as though she's settling in very well. Roxy doesn't seem to miss her at all. She does really want to see the kittens though. I remember what Fiona was like with her kittens so I'm steering clear of trying to get in to see the kittens until Mom says it's safe!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 88/24 Lola's Been Adopted!

A nice family came to see Lola yesterday and they immediately fell in love with her. Lola fell in love with them too. She's going to have a new best friend with the family's 13 year old son. They will be picking up Lola later this morning and as sad as we are to see her go, we know she is going to a great home where she'll get lots of love.

Mom took a few final pictures of Lola and we all like this one the best.  OK, Mom likes this one the best, I'm more interested in having a final play with Lola than I am in having her picture taken.

On Friday Violet went to the Vet to be spayed. Most fosters, especially the little ones, hardly show any indication that they've had surgery. It's a struggle to keep them quiet even for a day. Not Violet, she was very dopey when she got home Friday night. She relaxed and slept most of the evening.

She slept in some pretty weird positions as well.

Yesterday she was back to her normal self. Since she's been spayed she can now go up for adoption! As soon as Mom finds some time to fill out the website update and send it in to AARCS Violet will be put on the AARCS website.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 85/21 Roxy and Lola have Adoption Applications

There's been lots going on around our house but the biggest news is that both Roxy and Lola have adoption applications. A family is coming to see Lola tomorrow and we're still waiting to hear from the family that's interested in Roxy.

We have been going to the dog park whenever the weather isn't too hot. We would all still like to go, but Mom says some days it is too hot for me to run around. Pugs aren't very good at regulating their body temperature and I find it too hot when other dogs are still fine.  We have been playing in the pool when it is too hot. Roxy won't go near the pool, but boy does she like the hose!

Lily didn't get adopted, but Dahlia YAY for Dahlia. Because Rose had been at her new foster home for only a short time and the resident cat hadn't warmed up to the kittens yet the new foster home and Mom thought it would be a good idea if Lily moved to the new foster home. Now Rose has someone to play with. Don't worry that Violet will be lonely because she still has Kenna to play with. Plus, she has decided that Lola is her new best friend.

We had a temporary visitor for a couple of days while a permanent foster home was found.

This is Fergus. He is about 13 weeks old and is super friendly for a kitten that was found living all by himself at the dump. He's gone to his permanent foster home and Mom heard he's already got an adoption application!

Stay tuned for an update on Roxy and Lola's adoption applications.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 70/6 Foster Home Shuffle

As I'm sure you all will agree there were a lot of fosters in our house to take care of. As much as we want to help as many four legged friends as possible so that I fulfill my wish, there's only so much room in our house and time in the day, but there is always enough love to give. Thankfully another foster home came forward and said that they would take Sookie and her kittens.  They were always supposed to be a temporary fosters until a permanent foster home became availalble and the timing was perfect. Sookie and her kittens went to another foster home last night.

Here's one last look at Sookie's cute little babies

Dahlia and Rose went to another foster home on Saturday. The main foster parent in that house is a teenage girl and Mom said it was great to see such a responsible young lady stepping up and helping out. Plus Dahlia and Rose are going to be so spoiled!

In case you've lost track that leaves us with Violet and Lily, Lola and Roxy as our fosters.  Lola and Roxy are settling in quite well.  They went to the AARCS event in Chestermere on Saturday and were very, very excited by all the activity. It took them a lot of time to settle down but by the end of the event they were pretty good. They've been at a kennel for the past 3 months so they've got some energy to burn and it's unlikely they've been around a lot of people during that time. Overall Mom thought they did pretty good.

On Sunday Lola, Roxy and I went to the Mini Mutts meet up. Mom was a bit unsure how Roxy was going to react as she was very excited, barking and pulling on her leash when she saw another dog on Saturday. She did fantastic! Far better than Mom thought she would.  There was no barking, no fear or too much excitement being around all the other dogs from either Roxy or Lola.

Here's Roxy making some new friends.

Surprisingly Lola was one of the first dogs to lie down. I guess two days of social outings was more than she could handle.

I almost forgot to mention that Lily has an adoption application! There is a lady coming to see her tonight. She's also going to see Dahlia and Rose. I'd be happy if any of the three kittens get adopted since Dahlia and Rose still seem like they are our foster kittens.  Stay tuned to see if one of them gets adopted!